A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Thanksgiving Blog

The question occured to me last night, "what am I thankful for?" and was at first hard-pressed to come up with anything, because all the concerns, sorrows and frustrations kept popping up.
This morning was different. I had a different perspective on the past year. It was a year filled with highs and lows. I lost a cousin and a good friend. I've been frustrated with my own health issues and am trying to come to grips with the aging process as I watch my mother go through her own aging issues - from her eyes to her legs- wishing I had answers and a magic wand.
These flucuations didn't stop there, but were also attached to my finances. I went from being inundated with business to worrying that I wasn't pulling in enough.
Although we tend to focus on the sadness, as it carries much weight, the good stuff outweighs the bad stuff. Bad may not be the appropriate word here. They are more like lessons, some being more difficult than others.
I'm thankful for the fun times I got to share with Ginny. She'll be missed, but I have some very fond memories. Ginny and my cousin Dennis were in their 40's and much too young to leave the planet. Perhaps they are having way more fun where they are......in their bliss, for sure!
I'm greatful I can be there for my mom. In the big scheme of things, maybe it's good I am not working so much. I'm fortunate I don't have a 9-5 job and have the flexiblilty in my scheduele to take her to appointments and be there when she needs something. This is when I want to be a healer most.
Although my classes were slow, my painting expanded. I was able to paint and decorate some homes and restaurant, and met some really nice people too.
Because of my own health issues, I moved towards a more healthy way of living and am in the process of getting certified as a yoga teacher.
My artwork has expanded too. I've gotten more involved with sharing my art with other artists, from totally silly stuff like flatself dolls to more mature work of having something to say and allowing my art to be more open and expressive.
I've journaled more, both in actual books as well as blogging.
Blogs are interesting in that if you read enough of them, you realize how much we all have in common. We all go through insecurities, frustrations and those enlightened moments when things just go with the flow and everything is just right.
Mostly it is change and how we deal with it. We all go through it. We are in tough times and they change into times of pleasure. We are annoyed by co-workers and everyone else on the street that can't drive for shit to feelings of oneness and compassion. Such is life. The ebb and flow of it all. It is nice to have the balance, the hard lessons being there so we can appreciate the wonderful easy times.
It is a day of thanksgiving and I do have much to be thankful for. From the most basic of things that I may take for granted: a warm bed, food on the table and a wonderful family to the things that are special to me: what I bring into this world, who I am, my gifts. I need to remind myself to bring my light out into the world because there is only one me. We all need to bring our light to others, to share it, let it grow in its true brilliance. We do no one any good by dimming it or keeping it hidden. We are ment to shine and I am truely grateful to those who have allowed me and encouraged me to shine my light.
Thank you.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Michelle's grapevines....

I finished up the grapevines today. The room has a nice feel to it and happy with the way it turned out. Nice working with you Michelle :-)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More grapes.....

I painted today in the butler's pantry. First the walls were done in a faux finish and then the vines. So far this is it, but it's not finished. Hard to take a picture from this angle.....although I used the same exact paint, the coloring of the grapes looked different from the one's in the kitchen. I'm attributing it to the lighting. I'll finish this up tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I LOVE autumn!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

the path not taken Posted by Picasa

such a gorgeous day. I love being in the woods Posted by Picasa

here's the little doe Posted by Picasa

here's the buck checking us out Posted by Picasa
I had myself an artists date today. I went to see Elinor's exhibit at the library first and I would have liked to buy all of these. Absolutely wonderful exhibit. They were voting in the gallery and everyone there was ooohing and aahhing over this show. Magnificent!
After that I went to the Marshlands. As I entered, 2 gentlemen were leaving and said they had seen a buck and some wild turkeys. I walked along taking pictures and just enjoying the quiet and smell of the woods. I love autumn. I walked down to the sound (small beach there) and noticed some hoof prints in the wet sand. Being that there was no school today,there were quite a few people there with their kids. Nice mild day. I followed the hoof prints away from everyone but went as far as I could go. Nature called me in another way and started to head back.
I watched a few birds along the way. Some blue jays and an interesting black and white bird. Not sure what it was. At the top of the path I noticed a group over to the side looking intently into the woods. I stopped and one of the women called me over. There at the bottom of where they were standing was a young deer. The kids crept up to it pretty close. But there in the distance we noticed dad and he kept coming closer and closer until we back away. Would not want to make this guy angry! The kids were a bit braver and stayed their ground. Us grownups got distracted by something dead and we were trying to figure out what it was, when all of a sudden the kids screamed and ran, yelling that the buck was coming. We all booked! I turned and the buck ran up to where we had been but ran across the path and into the tall grasses. Nice site to see.....at a distance......

Friday, November 04, 2005

Once upon a time.......

.....this man came up to me in the supermarket and asked if I ever painted on slate. No, I hadn't. I thought that was the end of that. Some time later, he came into my art class with his son, who I had in my art class, and asked me if I ever painted on tiles..(or something like that). He taped a segment of the Carol Duvall show that involved painting on tiles and he gave me a few to practice on....and that was the beginning of a new relationship! Me and tiles! ok, a new friendship was formed, a beautiful working relationship that included painting on many, many tiles, but did not stop there!. No, I painted on slate pieces, fireplace mantles, tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, here, in Rhode Island, and even in North Carolina and now in Greenwich....yep, my business has expanded thanks to Emelio. The grapes below are due to his referral.......Thanks Emelio, great doing business with you. So when can we go to RI again???? :-)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

towels on hold for the grapes

I painted yesterday and today in this kitchen painting grapes on some tiles that had dogs on them. Wherever there are grapes, there was a tile with a picture of a dog.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

still painting towels........

Two more towels added. I have to add "trim" to them: pigs for Lexi and Roses for Linday. I'm thinking shells on Michelle's. Today I start the grapes in Greenwich. I will just have to go back and forth between jobs for now.