A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Intentions are set....

I am yearning for some time to get messy and do some creating. I did clean out on closet at the Rec where I teach art classes. Nice to see all this "stuff" organized. I still have 2 more closets to empty out and although they gave me only 2 new closets, I am hoping to obtain one more. Ok. The intention is set here. I have 3 new closets! All my supplies are organized so I can be more efficient in finding supplies and teaching. It must be the power of Virgo here.
For myself, I have decided to do some collages for the new year. Every New Year's eve, rather than go out partying, I stay in and journal my intentions of the new year and usually make art. This year I plan on a soul collage. Maybe a few. I have some wonderful new journeys coming up in the new year. Travel and work.
So today, my intention is to go through some magazines which I have been collecting, pulling out those images that reflect who I am and what I love and what I want to move towards. What I want more of in my life.
I feel we are moving into a lots of change this year. Good positive change.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Can't buy me love......

Somewhere in blogland, I came across this link http://www.storyofstuff.com/
Interesting, because we decided not to buy into the whole consumerism christmas deal. Yeah, I know it's nice to let others know that they are appreciated and I like receiving things as well, but there is a big difference to show appreciation with something like homemade chocolate covered nuts and going out to buy something just for the sake of buying something like it's an obligation.
Once upon the time my husband and I went nuts buying things for each other. It seems like that is what Christmas became - all about buying!
I meet people on the street asking me "if I'm ready for Christmas"... ready? ready for what? They want to know if I finished my Christmas shopping... Nope, not this year... not buying it!
(Making it maybe :-)
anyway, take a look at the link for an eye opening perspective.
Give someone a hug and tell them how much they mean to you.
Crea8tiva had this link on her site http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_8509.cfm
so don't forget the little critters either :-)
this inspired me with some ideas...............

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

For You !

After making these dolls with the kids, I had to make one myself. They remind me a bit of the flat self dolls we did as a take off of flat stanley. That was fun. We traveled around the country and sometimes to other countries as a paper doll.
This version had graduated to wood.
Here's my Christmas Wish for all my blogger friends.
May all your dreams come true.
If you believe in them, they will, so
Merry Christmas eYYYYYY


Inside. Warm. Enjoying my coffee while "here".
Listening to the sound of trucks scraping at the ground and that beep beep backing up noise.
Yes. Removing the ice. Men chipping away at it's stubborness.
Thank you.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Just another Manic Monday.............
Chiseled windshield to set wipers free. Chipped away about 5" and took almost 45 minutes.(Someone said to make them stick up away from the car when it snows) Anyway, after chiseling the car windows, I had to get out of my iced in space. I did it. But when I got to my mom's , confronted with ice again and could not get her to the car.
Another therapy appointment cancelled. We did some exercises together and then ate left over desert. (or dessert)
Off to the store for some essentials. Walking veeeeeeery carefully avoiding icy spots.
Home for a "creativity break". I think it will be my Christmas Card. Stay Tuned!
Grab art bag, radio for yoga.. left my mat in the car. Yikes that will be cold!
Class for preschoolers - Textured Triangle Trees and Rudolf candy canes.
Tea break - Tulsi Tea with Pomegranate and green tea. Yum! Laughed about some letters to Santa. won't get into those right now...........
Another art class - mostly boys (2 girls). What the ?!? Bouncing off the walls! Not possible to sit still... Way too much energy in this room!!! We made our gingerbread bird houses... very cute. Clean up and then Yoga.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. relax, stretch, "open to the sun, so it will melt this ice". Grace came so she could do meditation and I could leave early. Dinner downtown. (no, not the city)
Parking not so easy, and I decide to move the car from an illegal space onto an ice packed one.
Dinner was delicious and fun. Nice to see everyone. These are the people who make up the Children's Center where I do art with the kids once a week. Nice to share a conversation without being interrupted by a child. Greeted by someone who knew me but I didn't know him. Was I supposed to???
Back home, parked back on top of the ice.
the day is done.
grateful for Sundays :-)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thank you

Here is the beautiful print I received in the mail yesterday from Cre8tiva
A wonderful reminder that I'm always guided by my guardian angel.. Thank you Rebecca! I love it.
It was a good mail day yesterday, as my IndieArts dvd also came.
I spent the day with family, eating and laughing. That is what the holidays are about for me. I've rebelled and haven't gone near a shopping mall. We've decided not to do our secret santa gift exchange and I really don't need to go shopping. Any gifts will be bought from a local shop I can walk to or handmade.
I'm not chopping any trees down to decorate my home either. I really don't get that. One year I did buy a potted tree, but it didn't do well in my hot, dry apartment.
What I do love is to share my creative idea with the kids. That's where my energy goes and I love to watch them.
This is a time of love and light. That's my focus.
Many of the online blogging community has chosen to only buy homemade, artists supporting artists. That is what is so great about the whole online community. How we support one another. That is the kind of sharing I love :-)
I'm grateful for this:
I am in a warm, cozy home - protected by the outside, freezing elements. I pray everyone has a warm and safe place to be.
I have my husband here by my side - my best friend/lover/supporter/funny guy who makes my heart sing.
My art room filled with stuff to create in.
My new adventure teaching in a new space. My business is expanding!
Learning and expanding spiritually. Delighted to learn more about Peruvian culture - shamanic teachings - appreciating Mother Earth. Did you ever consider the words "Honor they Mother and Father" as taking care, honoring the Earth as mother and the Sun as Father. It is the sun which brings all life and the Earth that supports us. We MUST honor them.
Start by bringing your own bags to the store - reuse those plastic bags.
And now, my art room calls.................

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A poem to share

I saw this over at Cre8Tiva's blog and I love this poem she shared on her blog along with a lot of other beautiful Christmas traditions. Such a nice place to visit........go visit her.
This Christmas
(although I think it should be for all time not just Christmas!)
Mend a quarrel...
Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust...
Write a love letter...
Share some treasure...
Give a soft answer...
Encourage youth...
Keep a promise...
Find the time...
Manifest your loyalty in word and deed...
Forgo a grudge...
Forgive an enemy...
Apologize if you are wrong...
Try to understand...
Flout envy...
Examine your demands on others...
Think first of someone else...
Be kind...
Be gentle...
Laugh a little...
Laugh a little more...
Deserve confidence...
Take up arms against malice...
Decry complacency...
Express your gratitude...
Go to church...(maybe Nature is your church :-)
Welcome a stranger
Gladden the heart of a child..
Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth...
Speak your love...
Speak it again...
Speak it still once again....
"This Christmas" December 1959 issue of McCall's magazine, written by the editors.
Let's speak our love all the time!!!
My focus for Christmas has been on creating art projects for the kids. It's usually this way every year and I don't mind. By the time Christmas comes around, I'm usually pretty tapped out, though... ready for some rest.. and art for myself!
Today we made gingerbread houses from some foam core pieces I disassembled from a center piece. They were already in the shape of a house, so I was good to go on that one. Saved me a trip to the art store. They came out really cute and of course I forgot to take a picture. Next class.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Grateful for this day!

Such a great day :-)
Deeply Grateful:
1 -Yoga class. Such a great class! Thanks to Susan (I just posted about this)
2 -My husband. We stopped by the High School which had a craft fair and he bought me some cool jewelry. It was nice to hang out today. So grateful for being able to share my life with him.
3 -Books. Books. Books. and the internet. I love learning. Today at the show, I had a discussion with this guy about gemstones (which led me to learn some more and found some good info... )Reading The Four Winds: A Shaman's Odyssey into the Amazon by Alberto Villoldo... such a great book!
4 - Movies that entertain and make us laugh....and they just may have a positive message for us.
5 - Sharing time with like-minded friends. Supporting and encouraging each other on this journey.
6 - grateful for my comfy bed to which I am now going..........
You can share your gratitude here with others at this site

Opening to the True Self

this morning without "overthinking" I showered and got dressed and left for yoga class. Not a minute to spare :-)
I am so grateful for such a wonderful class. I so needed that! I stayed afterwards for meditation and I could have just kissed everyone on the street by the time I was done. I walked out of class feeling so wonderful, I took a walk to the bakery. I met 4 people I knew and it felt wonderful to share my openess and good feelings with them.
What came up in class was being open to one self. We go through life giving so much of ourselves - working, taking care of our families, coming up with creative ideas and solutions to challenging issues.
It's a fast-paced world we live in and we mindlessly multi-task our way through it.
Tying my shoes, drinking my coffee and reading emails before I run out the door.
I really don't want to play this game any more, thank you.
What I want to do is check in with myself. "How are you doing today?"
Check in with my body, my feelings... am I on my path? or am I sacrificing some of it for you. Am I getting caught up with the "shoulds" because that is how it has been. Repeating patterns of behavior, just because it has always been that way. Caught in the chaos. Oh, it is so easy to do that this time of year.....
Na. Not buying it anymore.
I'm taking my time to be grateful. Do more yoga. Walk more. smile more. Play more.
I am going to allow more.
I am going to allow joy and peace and love, comfort and beauty, blessings that are all around me, into my soul. Be in the present and let life flow. I'm also forgiving myself for my inner turmoil yesterday. I blamed it "out there" but really it was within me. I blew it, but that was yesterday and it's gone. Past. Adios!
Today is a new day and it is good.
I am so grateful for yoga. It's very powerful. Susan is one of the blessings in my life. She is a wonderful, spiritual teacher. She wrote this book (picture) with some illustrations and charts I did for her. It's not a yoga book - that one is next.
Today, I am most grateful for opening, opening my heart to myself. Forgiving myself. Loving myself.
Finding that true path within.

Friday, December 07, 2007

New Moon article

this article is from www.MoonCircles.com and thought it so beautiful and relevate for me that I wanted to post it here as a reminder as well as to share it.

Sagittarius New Moon Meditation: Pilgrim Souls By Pythia Peay

At this New Moon, the sun and moon are joined together in the fire sign of Sagittarius, signaling the start of the holiday season. The lively crackle of conversation; the warm humor and expansive goodwill; the generous giving of gifts: these are among the qualities of Sagittarius. Yet like the sparkly wrapping that conceals a precious gift, the real treasure at the heart of this outgoing sign is its devotion to truth.
Ruled by Jupiter, the ever-roving ruler of Olympus, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are, as the poet Yeats wrote, "pilgrim souls" -- lifelong seekers in pursuit of the priceless pearl of eternal wisdom. Thus it is that time of year to follow in the footsteps of the wise men and embark upon our own pilgrimage, guided by the star of truth that shines the way forward.
The Pilgrim Soul Within
The mystical traditions of the world teach that life is a journey - a passage to a mysterious destination. The ancient Sufis pictured the journey of life as a caravan of seekers content to live lightly on the earth, storing up instead the treasures of the soul.
"God's creation is vast -- why do you sit all day in a tiny prison?" wrote Rumi, "Go beyond your little world and find the grandeur of God's world." From the practical CEO to the responsible parent, there is a part of each of us that is a happy wanderer, a pilgrim soul in search of truth.
To connect to the pilgrim soul within, picture yourself shedding your everyday clothes and, along with them, the outer persona that you rely upon to interact with the world. Stripped of all pretense and guise, imagine next that you don a pilgrim's robe - plain, sturdy, and hooded to symbolize your freedom from the strictures of individual identity. Released from the cares and responsibilities of your daily life, a feeling of unbounded possibility descends; you feel gripped by a state of readiness. Departure on the trip of a lifetime is imminent.
Then, imagine that a call comes: it could be the sound of a bell ringing in gentle overtones; the tinkle of camel bells signalling arrival of a caravan of Sufi dervishes; the echo of a summons to join a band of wandering monks and nuns. Next, imagine that you have joined up with a band of like-minded pilgrims. Together, you are setting forth on a journey with no end and a path with no destination. Taking up your staff, and girding up your robe, place your foot on the trackless road that opens wide before you. As you do this, a feeling of expansive freedom suddenly envelops you. Everywhere you look - to your right and to your left, behind you and before you - stretches an open horizon. As free as air, a happy wanderer, you traverse the cities and towns, mountains and meadows, of the wide, wide world, encountering fellow seekers and drinking in wisdom from earth's sacred places.
After spending some time on this visionary quest, imagine that suddenly, you find yourself arriving at the place from which you first began. Taking off your robe and folding it as a keepsake talisman, you step back into your old identity and resume once again the challenges of the everyday circumstances you left behind. As the imagery of your spiritual pilgrimage fades, however, something lasting remains - an expansive, unfettered state-of-consciousness. Those situations that once seemed to restrict you, now appear altered when viewed through the new, broader perspective you bring to them. For though you may assume once again your former roles and responsibilities, there now dances within your heart the laughing soul of a pilgrim, for whom life is an endless, delightful journey toward God. The only proof that this is so, is the smile that lingers on your face.
The Star of Truth
What compels perfectly ordinary people to abandon the safety of their lives for the uncertainty of the spiritual path is the search for truth. Amid the sparkle and flash of life, they feel, exists something real and enduring. Like the heavenly star the wise men followed to the Christ child, so, too, does the star of truth guide us to our own eternal nature.
Yet as all true teachers teach, the truth we seek is hidden within our own hearts - the buried treasure found right in our own back yard. To connect to the star of truth within your own heart, begin by centering within a deep, quiet, true, place inside yourself. Concentrate on going deeper, deeper, deeper, as if you are descending down stairs to the basement of your psyche. Suddenly, at the bottom of these stairs, a trap door opens upon a vast universe. There, against the backdrop of a midnight-blue sky, shines a brilliant star - it is a revelation, a five-pointed blaze of diamond-clear illumination. Allow yourself to bask in its light; feel the very cells of your physical body penetrated by its wisdom. Absorb its truth into the center of your being.
Then, begin the journey back up the stairs that lead from the depths of yourself to the upper world of your everyday life. For a few moments, sit quietly, concentrating on this star of truth as it continues to illuminate your heart center. Give thanks to your "north star" - the permanent pole of truth that guides you and that provides a source of limitless wisdom and knowledge.

Did I mention I am going back to Peru!!!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wellness Wednesday - Rest

I changed my class with the kids from today to tomorrow.... Enough. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that it is time to rest. Replenish the well.
I have the habit of taking on too much. I will change that to HAD the habit... I no longer want that.
My mom would always say, "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" which is why buffets are dangerous. I want it all!! I want to taste everything... I want to say YES. YES!
But I can't do it all. At least not at the same time :-)
Yes, I want to create art everyday, be grateful, stay well, and live a sacred life - everyday. Wellness Wednesday is there as a reminder, as is Sacred Sunday, Grateful Saturdays and Art Everyday.... reminders for me.
I want to live them everyday and sometimes I don't. I watch my thoughts and find that I am creating, making up, some drama that is not true. I bitch about some jerk that thinks he is cool by driving way too fast. And I forget to be grateful. I forget to be in the present moment.
My mind races with ideas for projects... one after another for classes - until I stop and cannot come up with anything.. a blank.
That is the time to stop.
I'm clean out of giving, putting it out there, and now I will replenish the well by giving myself some time.
Time to be grateful. Grateful for my comfy bed. My wonderful husband. My family and friends. All the wonderful opportunities that have been given to me. Grateful for some time for me.
Today I can focus on balance within so tomorrow I can be in balance for them. When my well is full, I can give to you. But first let me fill it up with gratefullness, care and nurturing. Here is a video that I watched this morning... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4cV9cVa5sc

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Penguins for Peace

We had a full day yesterday at Holiday Happening. We created sock snowmen and Penguins for Peace. Well, my sample was a Penguin for Peace anyway. They came out really cute and figured snowmen and penguins have no "religion" as this program is for everyone, no matter what you celebrate. I left the sample on Donna's desk as she loves penguins.

I made two more to hang on the door.

It was nice to stay inside and play. Relax. and be grateful for another event done.

No major jobs for the rest of the year, just classes.

This was a good year, with a lot of great projects and a lot of opportunities.