A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, March 28, 2010

10x10 Round Robin Journal

This is another, yes, a different round robin that I also joined. It has gotten me into the back room.. the art room that needs a major cleaning up! These get mailed out Monday for Coby to create in... "Have fun Coby" and then will move on to 8 more creative souls. I'll be posting here on this blog as books come through. It will be hard to do just one page, but will refrain myself. Sometimes it is just so hard to stop.
The problem lies in what to do.. which medium to choose. I started out painting, but also wanted to collage... but the pen, the zentangle/mandalas help to get me centered. They quiet my mind from the worlds distractions.
Thanks Ileana for inviting me to play. I needed it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

For Karen

In our RR canvas journals "Art Saves", I have received Karen's book. She did a page with a Klimt images and I love Klimt. It was immediately inspired when I saw her page and I knew I would use gold. My original idea though was something different.
Instead, it turned into the "klimt-style" tree. Unfortunately, metallic paint and glittery accents don't show up so nicely so you'll get to see it much better when it reaches your hands. (those participating, anyway)
I took a walk yesterday and it was so nice to see crocuses.. white, purple and tiny buds on the trees. I was thinking about how much I appreciate Spring after a challenging Winter.. You who live in paradise type environments where the weather is mild most of the year... I wonder if you take it for granted. Do you lose the magic of these small buds.. these tiny miracles of life!
I am in awe all over again. GREEEEEN!!!!! COLOR!!! LIFE!!
It's actually happening. Today I welcome Spring with wide open arms today at 1:32 pm.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A use for a box

This box held some yummy chocolate crunchy cookies given to me by a yoga student... best was the box! It has a magnetic clasp to hold it shut and it was a perfect size to hold the canvas book. It also contains a bag of "goodies" that you, the participants can draw from for whatever your heart desires to use it for.... and the sign in tag. It's not attached. I used a coffee filter for the pocket to hold colorful cards with various words on them. Pick one and sign in and play :-)
I put the box into a bag... one of those padded things from the PO, but "you" do what ever you need to do to send it, but I do want the box to stay nice... Maybe I'll paint it when it returns home.
Looking forward to the next journal................