A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fun Flowers for Spring!

Our textured flowers completed our 10 week session and now it's time to put it together. I have so enjoyed working with these kids. The group expanded with the last few classes with about 27 kids coming. Now it is time to put the work together with the photos and quotes. I will work on it this week along with getting prepared to do the library mural. I only get to work 3 days for the mural but can work til 4. One day I'll hang the show and one day I will actually have off! Then my full attention will be on Peru!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Kelly's world

I have a student in class. I see her as an assemblage artist - although creativity in general seems to come very easy to her. She doesn't hesitate and overthink things...She loves to play. You can see the joy in her art. She loves to rummage through my closet, picking and choosing things that I normally would not allow other students to do. Mostly because I am afraid of avalanches!
This is what I love about working with children. They are not afraid. They can see possibilities that I would never have thought of.

crafty chica :-)

In one of my emails today was this inspiring link http://www.myspace.com/craftychica
wow. how does one go about doing all that on the web? From there you can see her website too. Very inspiring. Cool crafts too. I have one of her books on making shrines.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Youth Art Month

March is Youth Art Month. We celebrate this in our town by displaying children's art in the Town House and Library. I am the chairperson on the Council for the Arts that coordinates this program. It's our 27th year. There are 11 teachers from public and private schools that participate from grades K-12. It is an amazing program with amazing teachers that bring out the talent in these students.
Although it is work and can be challenging at times, I am honored and priviledged to do this.
Yesterday, as I looked at one students work, I was transported back in time to when she was a student of mine in elementary school. Now she is a senior in High School and her work graces the cover of our invitation and program. There are many of these students that have passed through my classes, watching them go from playdough to canvas. It is such a joy to see how they have grown and how their artistic talent has blossomed. I'm honored to have played a small part in their lives.
Kudos to the art teachers who have worked hard in putting the art together.
The art is fabulous!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Space

I had to laugh at this one today ~ me to a T:

Here's the Story of the Day:
More Space
convinced she can do everything she's ever dreamed of with just a little more space

and then this came too:

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones! ® © www.tut.com ®
Or bantering some gibberish, Doreen, when showing off your new spacious, organized studio for People Magazine.

Space, I guess is the theme of the day, so I'll clean my artroom and make some space!