A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, December 15, 2011

An encouraged Path

Saying good bye to the turtle altered spice bottle.

The show at the Mamaroneck Library was pretty successful. The Altered Spice Bottles received the most attention. I sold some framed mandala prints - 2 of my favorites - and some cards.

The cards are something new for me. The exhibit at Masterpiece Framing and the Wainwright House gave me the impression they would sell, not as well as I had anticipated, but enough for me to keep at it.

I sold one that had my son's digital image on it and that was one of those "feel good" moments.

She bought it specifically because of the image. Kudos to Jake!

Winding down this year and reflecting on all it held for us, we both did well in the art department. We both sold our art, encouraging us both to stay on this path of creating and putting it out there into this world. Putting one's art out there and feeling the welcoming response to it, gives us the encouragement that we have found a path that we can share.

We both love to do art and it is true that when you follow your passion, money will follow.

It's more than money though... it's the knowing that someone values your "being", your soul.

When someone has a piece of your art, that have a piece of your soul.

Thank you.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

John's reception

John's reception was yesterday, Sat. at the library in Harrison. It was wonderful to share it with friends and family and some delicious baked goods from my friend Jennifer. YUM.

some of John's earlier pieces. If you are in the area, it's up until Dec.2.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Window Painting in town

Children and Adults came out to decorate the windows of downtown Harrison and West Harrison on Sunday. A beautiful day with the sun shining, it was a joyful sight to watch everyone have fun.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Work in Progress....

I'm taking an online course with Donna Iona Drozda. I love following her blog while following the phases of the moon. Working with the moon is learning to live with nature's cycles.. to everything there is a season.

As I have been following her lessons, I've been putting my images and ideas on to paper and canvas. The art show is hanging and I now need to refocus on my art again. I planted my vision seeds during the new moon. Each new moon, I write my intentions in a journal... and I usually leave it at that. This class is keeping me on track... following through with my ideas. Give birth to them. Those seeds that have begun to send a root down, they look like sperm, ready to fertilize and nourish my idea. 2nd Chakra.. creating that vision. I'm still home, working on this idea, playing and creating...until I am ready to take it outside.

mmm. who do I take it to? how do I present it? is it good enough????? notice those seeds that have sprouted?? it was while painting them, that I began to see them as question marks.

There is the challenge.. to move beyond those self doubts, beyond questioning things so much that I drop it. I want to nurture the seed/vision. Tend to them lovingly, gently.

It was during this quarter moon that I realized how energetic I became and how much I got done out in the world. Awareness. Being in Community. Those roots that grow deep into the earth mingle with other roots. They join together, in unity and those roots become stronger. We need to take our gifts out into the world, move beyond those self-doubts.

I realize I do not need to know how things will play out. Experience has taught me that life unfolds in unexpected ways and it's easiest to flow with it. Allow it to happen. Being aware, in tune with it, is like icing. Yum.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Earth's Playground

Today is the opening of our exhibit at the Wainwright House in Rye... in the area? Come check us out. The reception is between 5 and 7. It will be up until October 21. The work is hanging downstairs as well as upstairs in the Harborview room. I'm actually surprised we were able to fit it all in - and thanks to Caesar for his help in hanging the work!!!

Before the reception is the Community Celebration which previously was The Healing Arts Fair. Not sure why they changed the name. It's pretty much still the same with lectures and various healing practioners having small sessions. John and I will be there for this and looking forward to it... Then the reception and following that is a fire ceremony with Susan and Leigh from 7 to 9.
Today, I relax and play and enjoy.
Wainwright House is such a wonderful place to hang out even when nothing is going on. Peaceful.

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Moon Mandala

Back to creating some mandalas. I pulled most of my art supplies into the dinning room "just in case" we lost power during the hurricane. Luckily we didn't, but I did get some work done creating cards, doing some framing, working a bit on a painting. Today, I got to do some creating for the new moon.. a bit of meditating and setting some intentions for the new cycle.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Exhibit- revised!

Camp is over. I have my life back :-)

It seems once that camp ends, my mind races with all sorts of ideas. Camp eats up so much of my time, that when it's over, it creates a vacuum and now I am observing all that needs to be done around here. Work needs to be framed, cards made, other work to be finished.

2 nights of mental meanderings kept me awake.

Ideas flooded in.

Our exhibit is at the Wainwright House in Rye. Reception is Sunday, Sept. 25
from 5-7, right after the community (Healing Arts) fair.

Hey, go to the fair and then come to the show!!!

We've gone to the fair in the past and there have been some great lectures (free) along with having some readings done. Pam Cucinell did my chart last year and has really made an impression with me because of what she picked up on.

One was moving. Check!

the other was working with my husband.. and here we are exhibiting together. check !

We'll be hanging the work on Sept. 23 and taking it down Oct. 22, so if by any chance you cannot come to the opening, you'll have a chance during that time.

Once this comes down, John will be exhibiting solo at the library in Harrison for November.

We are busy bees :-)

I'll keep you posted..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Inner Dwelling

adding some essence to the work...flower and gem essence to the water in the water pen I used to spread the glitter gel pens.. love it :-). This mandala doesn't have it, just outlined with the gel pen but they, the gel pens and water essence make it all that more magical... I titled this "inner dwelling" and that may be the title of the show...more to come about that :-)

Monday, July 04, 2011

Bird Magic

Since moving here, birds have played a more dominant role in our lives. We wake to them and listen more intently during the day.. Crow seems to call out more often and the sighting of woodpecker is more frequent. Cardinal as well.
Add to that hummingbird.
I used to see hummingbird as my totem, but he slipped my memory until just recently. He came to visit while on vacation and his message rings true. find joy. lighten up.
I can lean towards taking things a little too seriously. There is that perfectionist part of me and will work until I see it as perfect or as close to it as I can get (especially if there is a time limit).
We have feathers all around us here at home.. hawk, turkey, condor, macaw, white peacock and crow. Many were gifted.. some found.
They are reminders to me.. ideas, dreams.. flight.
Yesterday, I had this feeling come over me of "not good enough".. not interesting enough.. too boring... John got a good laugh from this when I brought it up.. and that's when I thought of hummingbird and her message to lighten up.. it's ok to just relax (not work) and stop comparing. It brought me to the art room because that is the place where I go for myself.. to listen to where that message may have come from.. and create.
Mandala usually brings me back to balance. I used a newish journal with rag pages and took out the H2O's along with the markers and the glittering gel pens (those alone make me feel good)
Being that it's scanned, it doesn't show the glitteriness very well.
Messages are all around us if we pay attention and open our eyes and heart.. what is it telling you, what is it mirroring back at you?

I'd like a blue jay feather.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Just 5 days

Unplugged for 5 days. I'm thinking I should do this at least once a week... or at least twice a month! Quiet. Listening to the sound of birds. This vacation was focused on birds. Watching streaks of red fly by or standing out among all this GREEN!

Enjoying the peace and quiet.. still enough, that I can listen to that voice within me. Reading, creating mandalas, journaling.. and of course exploring and shopping for new treasures.

John finally found his bird totem in Avalon Moon in Delhi.. a beautiful store filled with lots of good energy and so many treasures!!!! Found a beautiful bag for my yoga supplies that I've been looking for.

Wake up call! Yes, woodpecker was my alarm clock. His drumming continued through out the day. I'd run back to capture him with the camera.. Mostly I was unsuccessful as he was so fast, but I did manage to get a few shots. It was like living inside a drum.

The other bird I did not manage to photograph was the humming bird. A quick visit to validate a thought... I bought a book for John on the healing messages of birds. Reading on humming bird, I reflected on how I was so into this bird and thought it was definitely one of my totems.. I closed the book and there she was. Humming bird is about connecting with the joy in life.. and yes, sometimes I need to lighten up!

Vincent told us this was a baby and they grow to be pretty big.. can't imagine THAT sound :-)

Woodpecker is about keeping in rhythm with nature... (I thought about getting a drum)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Art show - part 2

We had the reception for the art/photo show in West Harrison. Nice turn out - LOTS of wonderful food -and meeting a lot of very appreciative parents.
Next year, I'm going to add a slide show :-)
Love these kids...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birds and the Bees

and the flowers

and the trees ...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A cure for what ails you...

Feeling a bit stuck, restless... and I needed to go out and walk for a while. Maybe a new cigar box to create with.. but they were closed. So I walked to one of my favorite houses to see if the poppies were open yet.

No. They weren't but the Iris's were and they were growing along the outside wall of the house.

One of my favorite flowers to photograph..

Behind the wall a few Rhododendrons were hiding their blooms..

and the walk home brought some more luscious blooms.

Feeling much better.

Don't forget to click for close-ups :-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Looking Within

One tiny incident.. or not so tiny... causes me to look within myself to find the real reason for the "mood". One decision made, sets off the feeling of doubt.. which way to go.. yes or no.. bringing up feelings of being taken advantage of.. caused by past decisions made.
I stop. Realizing where the uncomfortable feeling has come from..
it's past. gone. done with. let it go.
Move forward. Get in touch with my feelings about the situation now. I am different now.
I always have a choice and can make new choices.. choose new responses.
In order to do that, I need to stop.. go within.. get in touch with the truth of my being.. this me "now" and choose.
We have the answers with in us. We just need to stop the external commotion all around us.. get quiet enough to listen to that voice within.. and feel that power of knowing.
we do know. we DO know.
Know the triggers that set off those feelings, explore them, and then make the "now" decision.
I cannot be the answer for you and you cannot be the answer for me.. we each have that answer within us.. find it for yourself as I will work on finding my own answers..
and then we can share.
Share what we find. Commune with each other. Teach our process.
I cannot give you fish anymore, or at least I don't want to... I want you to fish for yourself... and here lies the journey.. how to fish, where to fish, which pole do I use, which waters are best... Each of us need to discover that for ourselves, I guess.. that is the journey.
Each of us need to find those sacred waters, discover our own way to dive in.. into the center of our divine Self.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A deeper look

The antidote to stress for me is to take out the camera and go outside and wander around looking for flowers or other objects and take a closer look... a deeper, what's -going -on- in -there, deeper look. It puts things into perspective for me I guess. Brings me to ponder the mystery of life, why we are here and helps me take a look beyond the small petty stuff and look more to the bigger picture.. because it's all reflected in the small things of life.
From the wide expansiveness of the Universe to the smallest seed or grain of sand... as above, so below.... There must have been such an immense power of love to create all of this.
It humbles me.
It makes me take a deeper breath.
A deeper look within myself... to look at my beliefs.. question where they came from and if they still hold true or if I am just comfortable with them.
Change.. dramatic changes, crises kind of change, draws me in.. just like a flower. Taking a deeper look within my self - a deeper look to see those seeds that will eventually flower.
I want to bloom into my truest Self.
A scallion is no less beautiful that the lotus when looked upon with deep tender, loving eyes.. and that is where I can honor life.. through my lens, my eyes.. feeling blessed to know this moment, this present moment.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Luscious Spring

When life gets overwhelming

and the list gets longer

I feel


My time out

was to pull out the camera

and focus




that was




Sunday, April 24, 2011

We ARE worthy

Morning meditation on Easter Morning..

I think on these things..

REbirth.. REnewal..

and the deeper mystery of life..

it's changes, transformations and how to rise above the fears that change..

unwanted and quick change.. creates.. change that comes to us when we do not understand what is happening or why.

The pain that comes along with the knowledge of someone else's pain.. compassion, empathy.. and the fervor of praying so hard it just has to change the outcome!

I think on this and the miracles that surround it..

Easter is the celebration of Christ rising...


is the message to us saying there is no death...

and therefore should not be feared..

then why do we fear it..

because we are not so sure..

How do we rise above the fear of losing, not being good enough, strong enough, loved enough..

In my mandala, I sent out prayers to the four directions of the Earth..

to the sun,

to the land,

to the waters..

to all of us.. for peace.. for love..

to overcome small pettiness, hurts from our childhood, from words spoken carelessly..

for healing..

We are worthy of all the abundance the earth offers.. we are entitled to happiness and the right to live a life that is secure.. that supports our basic needs..

healthy food, clean water, the right to breathe fresh air...
We should all be living a life that is filled with joy.. the opportunity to use our talents..

the encouragement and support to move forward -

discovering our true purpose,

our higher spiritual reason for existing.

We all deserve unconditional love.

Christ was all about love.

Whatever your beliefs are, we all share that..

that we are worthy of love..

I love you :-)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blossoming to the edge

Spring is a time to blossom..

we open our doors and windows..

take a deep breath of fresh air..

we grow.

We open ourselves up to new possibilites.

How much we grow is up to us.

How much risk do we want to take..

how far can we move outside our comfort zone..
how close to the edge can we go...

Nourish yourself.

Bathe in sunlight,

drink in all the beauty that surrounds you.

Make new creative decisions,


New beginnings are on the horizon...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Angels among us...

I went to a lecture the other night and I was very aware of the continuing insights I was receiving.. and this even before the meditation. In this lecture, I was reminded of my path.. where I have been on this journey and those synchronicity moments that led me along the way. Reminded of the events leading to where I am today, I thought, if we all took the time, we would be in a constant state of awe. One thing leading to another until we reach our full potential. I had felt I had come full circle sitting there... another lecture years ago, committing to my path, the path of the artist. Here I was recommitting myself. Affirming my path and the direction I am taking and feeling very good about it. One of the ideas discussed was to take those challenging moments and look at them and ask, "what are they teaching me?" Why has this been placed upon my path, and what can I learn from it, what am I missing.. how can it make me grow... This usually happens afterwards.. we see in hindsight what that challenge was there for. How conscious are we in the moment of this "challenge" to ask that question... something I will work on. When we make a commitment to something, the Universe conspires to help us along the way... the path becomes clear for us, our vision laser-like. Yes. We can cut through the debris, knowing we can get to the destination.. the destination of our Self. It's the me.. the real, authentic "me" - the reason I am here.. to use my talents/gifts to the best of my ability. Allow the acorn to sprout and grow to it's magnificence. I'm not sure if I will know the "highest" purpose, whose lives I touch, what difference I am making.. but if I can know just some of it, I am satisfied. A simple decision can make all the difference to someone else's life. Know that. A decision made to do one thing differently, or try something new.. venture out to an unknown place.. can change the course of history.. and why not allow that to be you.. or me.. all of us. To bring to this life our highest potential, our courage to create, would this not be one wild ride! To dream the biggest dream. Not play safe, nor to doubt our desires, feelings, thoughts... but instead feel the embrace of angel wings gently guiding us to our true destiny. Some days we take gentle steps... and other days, we need to skip, jump, run... fly!

Saturday, April 09, 2011


Evidence of Spring.. my brother unwrapped the fig trees today. I went over in time to help a little bit, taking the tarps off the smaller tree.
Here, the tarps are laid out to dry.
before that, John and I went to the beach for a walk and it was so nice to find these flowers in bloom and the buds on the trees...






Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Art and Joy

The children's art exhibit is opening this Sunday. During approximately 20 classes, I work with preschoolers creating art, taking pictures... capturing moments in time. Moments of concentration, the true meaning of living in the moment. Being present.

The satisfaction of a work completed.. a thrill to watch their expressions of pleasure and joy.

They teach me the real meaning of play, exploration.. of creativity.

Along with the art, their photos, I have posted quotes. I do this mostly for the adults that view the exhibit.. held in the Municipal Building in Harrison .. so they can be reminded how important creativity is in all our lives.. We need to return to play, taking time for ourselves to enjoy the things we love to do.. sing...dance...paint.. glue.. stamp... photograph.. CREATE!

Rediscover the joy within you that you once had as a child.. take some time today to play and create and see how the world around you dissolves....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Eastern rising

Spring. New beginnings. Uranus moved into Aries for some change.. big change! Lots of newness.
Looking towards the east, new horizons, I begin to ponder what is coming. What am I moving towards. What surprise do you have in store for me Uranus?
We watched the full moon rise the other night and it was such a spectacular site to see. Big orange glowing orb coming up over the water. It filled me!
Now it is Spring.. finally. It has been a long winter, but I have enjoyed it much more this year than any other living in our new place.. more room to move and play and create. It made all the difference.
Our exhibit was exciting and opened up new doors for us. Both of us sold our art and we both feel very blessed about that. Validation! Yes. We are on the path we should be on....
My focus on the Art of the Young Child has begun. Printing out photos of them, quotes to go along with the art work.. and I'm beginning to feel the pull between things. Tension.
Still need to do my taxes, but at least they are gathered in the same place. Camp order is almost done. These are the necessities of life right now.
I take it on.
They all take time and I juggle it.. trying to balance it all between teaching classes and taking care of other obligations and taking care of myself. I finally got an adjustment after over a year and making an appointment with the dentist after a broken tooth. The scales tend to tip towards the side of "others" and I pay the price.
How to fix that... my lesson in balance. Taking the time for me....
I do with my art, my mandalas as they are my greatest teachers right now.. and for now they tell me to look east.. towards new horizons. Keep open for new opportunities and