A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, March 21, 2011

Eastern rising

Spring. New beginnings. Uranus moved into Aries for some change.. big change! Lots of newness.
Looking towards the east, new horizons, I begin to ponder what is coming. What am I moving towards. What surprise do you have in store for me Uranus?
We watched the full moon rise the other night and it was such a spectacular site to see. Big orange glowing orb coming up over the water. It filled me!
Now it is Spring.. finally. It has been a long winter, but I have enjoyed it much more this year than any other living in our new place.. more room to move and play and create. It made all the difference.
Our exhibit was exciting and opened up new doors for us. Both of us sold our art and we both feel very blessed about that. Validation! Yes. We are on the path we should be on....
My focus on the Art of the Young Child has begun. Printing out photos of them, quotes to go along with the art work.. and I'm beginning to feel the pull between things. Tension.
Still need to do my taxes, but at least they are gathered in the same place. Camp order is almost done. These are the necessities of life right now.
I take it on.
They all take time and I juggle it.. trying to balance it all between teaching classes and taking care of other obligations and taking care of myself. I finally got an adjustment after over a year and making an appointment with the dentist after a broken tooth. The scales tend to tip towards the side of "others" and I pay the price.
How to fix that... my lesson in balance. Taking the time for me....
I do with my art, my mandalas as they are my greatest teachers right now.. and for now they tell me to look east.. towards new horizons. Keep open for new opportunities and

Monday, March 14, 2011

focusing on the light..

I love reading D.K Brainards horoscopes each week.. Words for the People.

Today, part of it, pertaining to my rising Virgo and Uranus in my 7th house, I read this:

In his thousands of channeled readings, American mystic Edgar Cayce repeatedly said that art and creativity are the most powerful and clear ways for humans to bring Divine energy and intelligence into the world. With Uranus, the ruler of your 5th House of creativity, sitting on the volatile Aries Point in your 7th House of relationships, this is a sacred time in which your art (and artful response to the fear, polarization and uncertainty of the times) can inspire the world to envision and create a better future. The Aries Point, which the Sun further activates as we build up to Sunday’s equinox, always invokes the collective consciousness somehow. The picture I see here is that by choosing to radically shift your relationship energy and emphasize those relationships where creativity, innovation, optimism and transformation are present, you are actually shifting the foundations of our society and making a better world possible. I mean, how else is it going to happen?

My husband just called down to me from upstairs that my art was compassionate. Originally, my husband was doing the art show on his own and was calling it, Dark Matters... too negative for me.. and he invited me to share the exhibit and therefore of course we needed to add some light... Thus, The Dark and Light Matters became the title of the show.

Both do matter. We need them both. We need the dark to rest, to renew our selves so we can move into the light more refreshed. We need balance.. too much dark is not good.. we get depressed.

Balance. Yin and Yang.

I can appreciate the light.. Light.. so much more these days after experiencing some pretty scary "darkness"... and that's what our show brought out to anyone who views it.

I choose to focus on the good, positive side - compassion, love, light! This is what I say in my art. At least the mandalas.. not always with the assemblages.

It's nice to be validated here and with a nod from the Universe saying, Yes, you are on the right path.

thank you :-)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Art show

These are the pieces I sold in the show.. they went to good homes. I loved creating them and now, like children, I send them on their way...
Creating art and releasing it into the world is such a great feeling... and it makes room to create something new.. I am so very grateful for everyone who came and shared this wonderful experience.. I sold two mandala prints along with these three assemblages and I'm thrilled to have them out in the world :-) I created mandala cards.. all went out the door. Thank you.
John sold some of his work as well, so we both came home very happy.
Again, we find that we have very good friends... and made some new ones.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Art Show this weekend

Anyone in the area of Harrison, NY is welcome to our opening reception on
Saturday, March 5
at Masterpiece Framing
243 Halstead Ave. Harrison, NY
2-4 pm
My husband and I will be exhibiting our art including assemblages, mandalas and drawings.
Refreshments and music
(very excited :-)