A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Art Saves... Ily's journal

This is my page in Ily's canvas journal.
It took a while to get to but I finally had a day "off" from most obligations, work, appointments... and was determined to get some art done.
Our theme of "Art Saves.." has had me mostly focused on how it saves me, but with this I have been more focused on how it has saved us.. We who inhabit this amazing and beautiful planet.
We humans have always created some form of art and so that tells me Art is here for a reason. We need it in our lives. From the earliest cave drawings to our modern digital art and all of it in between... art has saved us.
It helps us to deal with all the external stuff that surrounds us.. all the chaos.. all painful experiences. But it also helps us with grasping the beauty that surrounds us, trying the capture and hold on to it.. Assimilate it into our being.
Art is not just for artists but it is for everyone. How can we not live with art in our lives?
So, this page, for Ily, is my message of art spreading out to the four corners of the earth, radiating with love for all of us.. for all of the earth.
May art in all it's magic always be a part of your life.

Monday, June 07, 2010

10x10 RR for Valeria

I added a rhinestone in the middle... didn't delete the bottom picture though...
Val sent a really nice watercolor book and some watercolors as well... but... I used my twinkling H2O's instead. I haven't used them in a while and just love them. What won't show up is the glimmer that have. I added a bit of gel pen too for some added sparkle and I'm also thinking that white spot in the middle may need a tiny rhinestone. I took out the pan pastels for the edges and on top of the writing. For you Valeria, hope you enjoy it. It is a window for you. Open it up and let all the beauty of the world flow in to you.
And may love always be there no matter what direction you travel.