A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A detour in creativity

In dire need of some escapist reading, a friend recommended Debbie Macomber's books... and off I went to the library. I'm usually reading books on yoga or art or some type of spirituality self-help book, but I needed to sink my teeth into a story.. lose myself in some other character.

Debbie Macomber's books did not fail me.

I started out with the Blossom Street books and fell in love with Seattle and took up knitting!

They inspired me to learn or relearn to knit and went to my mom for a refresher course. I revisited both knitting and crocheting and started out with some squares for a blanket, then started a scarf.

Halfway throught the scarf, it changed. Not a scarf anymore, but instead, I created a bag. I crocheted the strap and then embellished it with other stuff. How could I not?

Every once in awhile I need to go off on a tangent - create something other than a mandala or painting. Usually when I do this, my mind goes back to mandala or painting with a fresh start.

Ideas build, images form. A new idea for a painting is formed.

Reading Macomber's books is like a mini vacation. Just what I need and she's got plenty to keep me there for a while.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Art Reception

Yesterday, I had an opening reception at Heaven Colors Art Gallery in Harrison. It's a new gallery that opened in November on Harrison Ave. I noticed it when I took a different route to work and while stopped at the light, I noticed it.
John and I began our search for the next place to show within the area, so I looked at this as an answer from the Universe :-)
I went to work very excited, eager to tell John about my new discovery. I went in that Saturday, brought my samples to show Angel, the owner, on Sunday and we took it from there.
It was a quick.. very quick.. decision.
No mailing went out, but luckily info went to face book, the Patch and the Daily Harrison with the help of a good friend.
What I have been extremely grateful for is the support I get from friends. It humbles me to see how open and giving many people are and I feel very blessed.
The weather report tried it's best to stress me out, but even that too work out for the best.. no snow on the ground at all. What little that fell early in the day disappeared.
We had such a great turn out - sold cards - and had a great time.
If you are in the area, stop by to see Angel. She may be sitting near the window painting. She is warm and friendly and as a new business owner, it would be great to give her a warm welcome.
I am thrilled to have an art gallery back in town. Ironically, there was a gallery years ago in the very same place where I bought a Ralph Bernabei print.
Life is good :-)