A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A day at the beach

A walk at the beach is soothing for the soul... especially in winter. Water is healing. The day was still cold, in the 40's but warm compared to some of the previous teen temps we had. Many took advantage of the day... some soaking up the sun. One just in his shorts!

Bare naked trees show their true form and gulls gather flying against the brilliant blue sky... stopping along the way to observe.. Where have I been and where am I going? ok, that's not the bird, that's me.

some trees aren't so naked, wrapped in leaves.. green ones, no less... and then we play hide and seek with the light......

Monday, December 08, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a video to share with you :-)

ART.... Yes, you ought to :-)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
Grateful for your visits
thanks :-)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008






YES, to a man that I can actually LISTEN to :-)



(and now I won't have to move)


Meanwhile, a Venus-Neptune supportive, 60-degree contact from Sagittarius to Aquarius (4:58AM PST) offers millions an olive branch of hope that somehow the human race will keep on trucking toward a brighter future.
(this from the cosmic calender)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Please Vote

I'm finding this quite interesting that the two Planets Saturn and Uranus are in exact opposition today... What the heck does that mean??
Well, these two major planets are slower moving and therefore effect us all as a group as well as individually. Depending on where they are in your chart (house position) will determine what issues will be effected for you on a more personal level...
But on a more global level..
Think on this: (taken from the Cosmic Calender)
(I put in the bold lines)
p.s. you could also substitute McCain for Saturn and Obama for Uranus.

-- the first of five Saturn-Uranus oppositions (5:34AM PST) stretching out until late July of 2010. To say this is challenging is the understatement of the year. These planets form polarities around every 43 -- 45 years. They are definite rivals in which battle lines are drawn between the past and the future, tradition versus innovation, order versus rebellion, logic versus intuition, the status-quo versus revolutionary changes, and the list goes on. The fact that an American presidential election happens today -- not just influencing the USA, but also the entire world -- is par for the course that the universe loves to tinker with human affairs and earthly happenings. Everyone now has to do a delicate balancing act -- internally and externally -- as these two giant planetary archetypes push us all to the brink. Fear (Saturn) is now in many ways combating the urge toward liberation (Uranus). Nevertheless, the shattering of old bounds and established ways of doing things is always unsettling and, in this case, can be true on a massive, shocking scale. Keep in mind that the Moon is still void and thereby in unreliable shape until it enters Aquarius (4:03PM PST). Thereafter, it's a good idea to focus your gaze on group projects, team sports, community events, national goals, global causes and fulfilling your higher destiny.
Mercury enters Scorpio (8:01AM PST) until November 22. This ingress by the fleet-footed Messenger of the Gods encourages research, detective work, ferreting out secrets and learning more about ancient cultures and civilizations.
Another important polarity occurs today -- Venus in Sagittarius opposing Juno in Gemini (3:48AM PST) -- bringing in a sharp focus of the feminine confrontation that mimics the masculine divide symbolized by Saturn at loggerheads with Uranus.
Stay alert and write down inspirations in a special journal as Mercury makes supportive, 60-degree ties to Ceres (1:55PM PST) and Juno (11:43PM PST).
Copyright, 2007 Mark Lerner & Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd.

Friday, October 31, 2008


I am optimistic that enough people are ready to see some change in our government. Personally, I believe we all need to begin with ourselves and not rely on the government to "solve" our problems but that is the ideal in me.
There are some things that we need to rely on them for and therefore I am being optimistic that this change is coming...
that we can focus on love rather than fear. Peace instead of war.
So please go out and vote...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Because we are exploring the half-Uranus cycle as the gateway to midlife’s transition, the sign Uranus is in natally secrets characteristics of the opposite sign as its “unlived life”. When any planet in transit comes to the opposition point to itself in the natal chart, a half-cycle is noted. And, as with all half-cycles, it simulates the lunation cycle as a “full planet phase”, which allows for the fullness of the experience of that planet to emerge and reflect back the messages and lessons learned. That is, the opposition, or the “half-cycle” is an illumination from the transiting planet and its manifestation of intent as it reflects back to the natal planet its “secret intent”.

Interestingly, I'm seeing this Uranus in Pisces in 7th house (relationships/Others) vs. Saturn in my 1st house (Me) as playing a key part in these feelings.
Saturn= structure, limitations, discipline. What are my limitations? Where is the balance between self-discipline, doing that which I need for myself and that of others. Structuring my time. I have gotten much better at this. It's probably the deeper lesson.. Self care through creating time for creating brings much happiness and balance to ME. and therefore, in turn, I can put out for others. The pendelum swings to extremes sometimes and I have to consistently bring it back to the happy medium.
Uranus in Pisces in the 7th... Freedom of Expression. Pisces is emotional, watery, peace and love and mystical, spiritual and Uranus there is stirring it up for me. Because it is in the house of others, it's being reflected back to me what it is I need. More heart!
First house rules the head, the 7th house... does it rule the heart? No. It rules the kidneys... one of the issues I had a few years ago. Kidneys had to do with fear, said Catherine.
mmmm. fear of intimacy ?
Is that what keeps one from being fully passionate, putting oneself out there, being EXPOSED. After all, the sign of Libra is the scales... Judgement!
enough analysis............for now :-)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Angel Project

Here is another project I will be involved in for awhile. Mai-Liis is an amazing teacher and she is offering this class for the month of November and December. I'm ready to spread some angels around as well as keep some for myself :-)

Come join in and spread some angel love.

Here is what she says:
The Angel Project
Much more than a class!
Yes, I will be teaching the making of angels in paper, fabric, and mixed media. This online class will take a leisurely pace, beginning Nov. 1 and ending Dec. 30. We will be discussing intent, and perhaps also healing stones. The paper angels will be appropriate for gift tags, greeting cards, or tree ornaments. The 3-dimensional angels will make fantastic healing gifts for friends, charity, and yourself.Who can't use an angel or two? Let's place as many angels as possible on this earth!
This is what you do:
1. Remit $30 via PayPal to MaiLiis@ix.netcom.com
2. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CreativeSparks/ and ask to join. I will approve you immediately on receiving payment.
3. Tell your friends!
Remember, the cost comes out to be 50 cents a day, and you will not only be inspired but be making beautiful and useful gifts.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm neglecting this blog... as I've been posting more on the other two (left side are links) but today, this struck me and it's not about art....
or is it?
I have been having some crazy stuff happening to my body and when reading this from Daily Wisdom, by Lissa Coffey, I said, oh yes... this I am experiencing.
First poison ivy, which you already know if you've gone to the other blogs.. but now I have a rash, hives, on my body. Itchy as all hell! ( hell=not a good or fun experience).
"When one is pretending the entire body revolts." -Anais Nin
Self-awareness means also being in touch with the signals that our body gives us. We might try to "fake it" on the outside, but we can't fool ourselves. The body doesn't lie. When we get stressed out it can show up in our stomach, or our back, or as a headache. ( or all over my face........)
We can use those signals to give our body what it needs to come back into balance - whether it's a glass of water, a massage, or a nap! -Lissa Coffey

I may need something stronger than water, nap or massage... although I have been eating very lightly, fruits and water, to help cleanse my system.
Something obviously needs to escape from me, but what I am not sure.
Neck area. Speak up about what I need... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not a ask for help sort of person, tending to rather do it myself - RELEASE CONTROL!!!
Belly area, 3rd chakra, the will center.
My needs, my will, conflicting with "out there"- herein lies a big problem.
Being nice. Always being nice, keeping the peace, compromising for the sake of not causing too many disturbances... Mrs. Nice Gal
How to vent in a non-threatening way?
Think Rash = anger trying to release itself. It's evident something needs to be released and my body is openly displaying this... no hiding.
Maybe it's all about resenting the time I put into projects, that take away from my art.
I want both worlds and I'm trying very hard to create a balance.
I could easily live in a dellusional world, LaLaLand... and stuff the "what about ME!!!!!" part inside......... but not this time, Dor.
It's screaming at you!
All I have to do is look in the mirror (yikes!) to reveal that what is inside me needs to be released on an emotional level.
And so, I take a deep breath and begin again to make some room for myself, my art.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's Sacred?

Everything has it's purpose. One thing no more important than another. Everything has it's role to maintain balance and harmony in life. Why do we choose to not remember this? Why do we forget....................................... (ego).
I am mostly in awe as I walk with my camera. The slightest thing that catches my eye, can have profound meaning as I allow it's "purpose" to sink in. Purpose may be unknown to us. Do we need to know the purpose to EVERYTHING even though we'd like to.... Just knowing there must be or why on earth would it be here. (Talking nature here, not stuff that is man-made.)
Most often, we would swat at a fly or creep out at the sight of a slug, but take a good look. A close-up look to see it's actual beauty. Delicate patterns, shimmery surface...
and then there is the abundance of what life provides for us. In all stages, there is beauty.
Beauty at birth, the journey along the way and then the beauty in the end stages. There is where wisdom is held and to me wisdom is beautiful. What has your life's journey taught you? What gifts has it given you and what have you given back?
In the end, we all have played a part, however insignificant you may think it was... maybe giving birth or the giving of your love was all that was needed and that is true abundance.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks Frank :-)

Look at the stars...
I love watching sunflowers grow and taking photos of them - close ups - and especially against a blue sky! My brother plants them every year in my mom's yard... "master gardener" he is.
He plants tomatoes, and other goodies and takes care of three fig trees.
The fig tree came from my grandfather which came from Sicily. My grandfather buried his tree every year as it got cold... We wrap ours. Not an easy task.
Each year Frank pots up the shoots that come off of it and now a piece of that tree is scattered around to neighbors and friends.
I love watching the bees on the sunflowers, gathering pollen all over them.
I love the intricate patterns of the flower and how they change, spiraling out and eventually creating seeds.
Nature's beautiful and amazing flower mandala!
I took one to class so the kids could paint them this week.
It gave them a chance to take a look, a good close look... something I was inspired to do from Georgia O'Keefe's flower paintings.
I had forgotten about the recent pictures I'd taken.. there are more sunflowers throughout the blogs. Barb's sunflower doodle at mandala oasis reminded me of them... thanks Barb :-)
and thanks Frank for planting them......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So close to the edge!
Kucho was our guide at Machu Picchu. He is the "caretaker" of this magical place and I highly recommend having him or someone like him to take you through this place because it just heightens the whole experience. I found this:
Kucho (Juan de Dios Garcia)
Kucho is the principal shaman of Machu Picchu. As a young man he came to Machu Picchu to work as part of the rescue team. While working in the Sanctuary he was called by the spirit of Machu Picchu to train and work as a shaman. His calling took the form of a seven-day period of experiences that completely changed his life. Shortly after his calling, he worked with a Maestro and was later given the great responsibility as the principal shaman of Machu Picchu. Kucho is a powerful shaman, healer and expert in the mysteries of Machu Picchu.

Feeling so incredibly blessed by the whole experience.

Thanks Kucho!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How do things change?

one person at a time........... http://www.girleffect.org/#/splash/

this is the first time I'm putting a video here and it's a good one. hope it works :-)

yeah! I did it!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back to the garden...

Goofing around in the garden. The fig tree is so big this year. Tomatoes are luscious. This is all my brother's doing. Master gardener.
He planted sunflowers all over the yard. This one is a bud about to burst open. Nature is so amazing isn't it?! I am always so humbled by it. Probably why I feel the need to capture it in photos.
Nature's mandalas!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Water and Stone

I love to collect rocks. I ususally come home with a trunk full after our vacation, some get painted, some just hang out. Some are too big for me to carry, so I just take their picture.
I love finding heart shaped rocks.

The message of the water this year was it's healing powers. It's actually been a theme all year for me. One reason I wanted to go back to Peru was to go to Lake Titicaca.

Water has a message of persistance. It will gradually wear down anything in it's path... message to me and hubby.. "have patience and keep persisting"

It also takes the path of least resistance. Why do we feel we must always take the hard road anyway. As if it wouldn't be a real accomplishment if we didn't sweat for it. One day we wake up and realize it's better to work smart rather than work hard, use our energy more efficiently.

"In confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, not through strength but through persistence" -Buddha

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Grandpa Woodstock

Peace and Love is what he preaches... and repeatedly says he is blessed.
One of the few hippies left in Woodstock. He's cool :-)
All the times we've been here, I never met him, but he said to "google" him and I'll find hundreds of hits. I haven't tried it yet, but here I am adding one more.
After spending a week in the Catskills, savoring the fresh mountain air, meditating by the Esopus, and just relaxing and hanging out, I spent the majority of the day checking emails and blogs.
Just before I left, I participated in an artists survey done by Seth at The Altered Page where over 80 artists participated in it. Very cool! You must check it out.
The most wonderful thing is that it's amazing way to get to know other artists and their blogs and get to know them a little bit deeper if you already know of them or just find new bloggy friends:-)..... so Thanks Seth!!
Most of my art, Mandalas lately, are on the other blogs (links upper left hand corner :-)
Some of my vacation pictures will be here and the mandalas I've worked on at A Year of Art and more "deeper" questioning on it all will be at Roots 'n' Wings.
ok, now I'm off to google "grandpa"..........

Muchas Gracias!

ooooh, another blog award. I just put this on the A Year of Art blog and this one is from Shayla. Thanks Shayla :-)

I have so much catching up to do....... (seriously thinking of getting a laptop) although I must say, it was very nice not to have a phone, tv or computer for a week... just water, wind and my husband to converse with.
I'll get back to the "rules" part of this later.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The last of our trip, coming down from the top of Tequille Island, the sky changed from this beautiful blue to this..............
a little scary
but not as scary as being on a boat in the middle of a storm.
One of my fears? Drowning.
And yet here I was, on a boat rocking like hell and all I could think of was Silvia's words... Mai-Liis living to a ripe old age, me traveling with John... nope. not going to drown today.
still f**k'n' scary though.

But I felt a little bit braver afterwards. The weather cleared a bit as we went through the reeds. At least we could SEE. The rain had come down so hard, windows fogging up, there's no way the boat driver would have been able to see going through them... and NO WIPERS.

So, here I am sitting a my computer. Comfortable. Safe. After reading a blog which triggered a thought about traveling, leaving behind all these comfortable things we have stored up in our nests... how does one become comfortable, reaching outside the comfort zone and into the world at large. Reaching outside the comfort zone of anything for that matter. Risk. Taking a leap of faith off that huge cliff.

I jump between worlds. The safe and secure... rooted, comfortable, surrounded by all that I love..... and the needing to explore this vast, bewildering, magical world. Physically in the world, and emotionally in my art.

what the heck is safety anyway? isn't that just an illusion? a state of mind? it always calls me back to the big picture.. The BIG picture... that we are always safe, the whole entire world is our home, and what is there to be afraid of anyway... really?

It is the mouse, eyes to the ground, seeing the detail of everything and forgetting how to soar like the condor or eagle and seeing it all from above... the big picture.. the magnificent beauty of this planet....... I really miss Peru.

But we leave for the mountains next week. Leaving my honeycomb to explore :-)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Watching nature

I'm not sure what kind of butterfly this will turn into. I did see a beautiful black one with some color on the wing.
Two years ago, we saw a luna moth, big and green and very beautiful.
I'll have to upload the baby swans and Billy Quackers, the Art duck next.
Camp was filled with good "nature" experiences this year.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life is Good :-)

layers and layers and layers of good times and happiness, not to mention clothing!

I'm sure everyone else getting TUT...notes from the Universe got this as well, but the Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu... got my attention........ I love getting these notes :-)

The funny thing, Doreen, is that in spite of the euphoria one feels upon entering paradise, cloaked in miracles, surrounded by angels, love, and unimaginable beauty, it gradually becomes all they know, commonplace, ordinary, and then, shockingly... invisible.
Yep, I'm talking about life on earth.
Yippee Kai-Ye, The Universe
Machu Picchu! Machu Picchu! Machu Picchu!
Please join me, Doreen, as we kick off TUT's Wonders of the World Tour! Make new friends, travel back in time, and dance with the gods at the most famous lost city ever found!
It's so you!
Thoughts become things... choose the good ones! ® © http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001-CghaJPZ1CDDftVt4x0xpqJqoyZpOOyy9dbAf3pDzEgcjE9NDpZh95NINdNZ9nprljmYHIUP5iX83xInJruGbZOvaj7MeEISbQWjPphoOlY= ®
You live in heaven, Doreen, you really do.

Yes I do:-) Loving my life living with my sweetest man... sharing it with good friends... doing art!

Life here more often than not is heavenly.

Live life as the miracle it is.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where The Hell Is Matt?

Where The Hell Is Matt?

Want to feel good, no, Great?? go take a 4 minute and 29 second break and watch the video.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

more Tequile...

This incredibly beautiful island has these archeways with different sculptural pieces at the top of them. There is hardship here... hard work, but the pay off is they get to see this everyday. The boats... the boats...
Hard work carrying everything up these hills.
This man is a mayor, or someone important indicated by his hat.

Monday, July 07, 2008

At the top..

At the top we went shopping. I was low on Sol, so I couldn't really get much and this was really high quality work. Beautiful and colorful weavings.
Colorful laundry. The way the land is laid out on this island, one is always looking down into someone's space and often their laundry was laid out drying... so colorful!
Two married men
Our reward :-D
This was what we had at the restuarant at the top of the mountain.
Probably the best fish I've had! Love the way they presented it to.
Looking down from the restuarant, laundry is laid out to dry