A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home again.. home again..

This is the canvas journal RR with a theme of ART SAVES
Carmen started us off with canvas journals that she stitched together. Each month (or so) we each created in each others book. I put my journal into a box and had sign in tags for everyone to decorate as they wished:
Carmen who started this project collaged the LOVE tag but had to show the back of it because it's so pretty (just above the peace tag)

Gemma's Peace Tag... very cool -stitched together
Amazing Ily with the face.. loved seeing her faces and figures.. she chose the Live tag but again, had to show the other side
Serena chose the hope tag - on the bottom it reads, "that lovely feathered thing"
Lila chose happiness but her tag above shows a watercolor flower.
Shari's was blessings: "count your blessings one by one." I may have to leave this one out to remind me
another good reminder.. Believe "in yourself" which Susie chose.. a most important message!
Karen, who always mailed to me :-) chose Faith
and I did Inspire
thanks for adding your blog addresses and thanks for all the wonderful art you blessed me with.
I have gained some new friends :-)
I'll be back with the pages later... in the meantime, go visit these wonderful artists!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shari's journal

I woke this morning feeling such a deep feeling of gratefullness, filled with joy! I've been feeling that a lot lately. I'm just so joy-filled with being here in this new place. I spent the day yesterday painting in the art room.. the ceiling and "sky light" and found myself painting a book case 10 pm last night.
This book is Shari's from the ART SAVES Round Robin and is the last one. It was just what I needed to stay connected to my art while we were in this chaotic process of moving. I still am working out of boxes, but I know it will all get done in time... or will it :-)
I know myself enough to realize that stuff hardly ever gets "done" as one thing has a sense of order something else will need it and there is that constant search for "perfection" in things that keep it all moving.... after all - once things are complete, finished, we've moved on from this plane to another.. and then in a sense ... it's STILL not done. Who knows what work will have to do on the "other side" :-)
Hopefully it will entail something very creative.
Happy Day All

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still here...

Birthday Mandala
It's been a while since I've posted. My time has been filled with work and trying to put our new place in order. I've been missing the blogging. There's just been so much going on that it's hard to make the time and when I do have the time, I am way too tired...
I'm behind. This mandala is the front of a card for my friend who's birthday was in September!! Yeah. waaaaay behind!
The art room is moving forward in small steps. I was on such a roll and then life shifted gears into high and I had to leave it be for a while. Yesterday I painted some more and of course ran out of paint AGAIN! I'm having my issues with Benjamin Moore lately...not covering and the cost of the paint. YIKES!
Anyway... it's coming along and I guess one good thing is as I take my time with it, other ideas move in :-) I've decide to paint in a sky light (due to lack of paint color) to emulate the ones in the bedroom.
Today I have a bit of a breather, but laundry has piled up on me and I have to finish up a project for a friend... after that - The ART ROOM! I'm so itching to get in there and work on it--- so I can work IN it!
I've been doing my mandalas on a pretty regular schedule, but haven't scanned them.. and then I hope to blog more consistently.
One of the round robin journals is finished and I sent out my last book... waiting for mine to return to me and then I'll post that.
Life is full.. Life is good..
Kitchen cabinets arrive today and will be put in on Monday.. a new kitchen!