A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, August 24, 2009


Where else?

"Talisman" store window (one of my favorite stores in Woodstock)

a most colorful town. a fun place, but I have been saddened by some of the "missing" stores. Bead store is gone :-(

but a new photography gallery opened up :-)


Hanging out :-)
Having fun, eating great food at Oriole 9 and finding the best books at Maribai.


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Camp was a struggle for me this year.. too many things going on, with little "down" time for myself. The time we all need to restore and renew ourselves.. It had it's moments though....
It was when I had fun creating with the kids. We made power sticks. I told them with these "sticks" came the responsibility to take care of the Earth. They created the sticks with intention, using animal skin paper to represent the different energies that they represented to them and each feather represented a different element... I love working with children and watching the power that play has on them. Allowing them to create and to be able to play. It's wonderful to watch... and I found myself getting pulled into it myself. Playing.. yelling out "POWER!"
and teaching them how important it was to take care of the Earth.. Water.. Air..
Talking and listening to them.. what their favorite animal was, the use of Sun as power.
This is where my heart lies. This is what I've come to realize this summer: That my heart lies in teaching, healing, creating with children... on my own terms. More on that later.
Vacation beckons me now. I am off to restore in the mountains and by the stream, finding my balance again.