A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Lindsay's "Spring Box" with flat Gwen Posted by Hello

Back on track

After all that weird delay with jobs, everything is back on track. And of course, it all came back at the same time. First coat done and the second will be tomorrow in the Mt. Kisco house. Sunday I paint at Billy's. Ebeth's book is sent out and on time, I might add. Headboard is ready for me to work on. Goal is to have it finished for Monday. Hope I'm realistic with that. I still have the Songs for Tsunami signs to work on. I need to work on Gwen's book and get that out by the 5th. My goal is to have tax info finished Sat. and make an appt. I HATE THIS !!! I wish I could tell the gov. where I want my money spent, maybe I would feel better. It sure as hell wouldn't be for this mission of his in Iraq. I think I'll go work in Gwen's book..........art escape

Saturday, March 26, 2005

The only constant is change

Change still seems to be the theme here. This morning as I went into my yahoo groups, they changed the format. I like that there are pictures, but as with anything new, it takes a while to get used to. Again, go with the flow. Still haven't gotten tax info together...My priorities are a little screwy, and should be working on things that need to go out first, but I keep going back to the color erratica journal. Must be the color. I'm not inspired to work on anything else.
Painting on Monday. They decided on a two part glazing method and sponging it on. I like the colors, and I'm sure it'll look great in that room.
Did my hair, much redder and darker. Guess I needed a change(?whaaaa??)
Thinking of going on a search for some bell bottoms for this fundraiser in 2 weeks. I'm going as a hippie (as opposed to a greaser) It's 50' and 60's theme. Need to work on the signs. Have ideas, just all in my head..This also needs to be up on the priority list. Today's goal: start tax info and make one sign.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Life's changes./ Mercury Retrograde

Well, my hunch was right. The colors just weren't right, which means Friday is off.....ok, maybe I'll just focus on taxes. I guess the universe has a way of working to show us what really needs to be done, and we should just listen to it. I took a "religion" test on someones blog, and it said I should consider being a Buddhist. Gee, why am I not surprised. Hinduism and then Christianity came after that.
Today's weather is such a let down after yesterday. It was so beautiful yesterday, probably around 60. I sat and watched some crocus's, moved away some leaves. The sky was so blue! Today, I have hail bouncing off my windshield. Life brings about so many changes it's a wonder we don't all go mad. But it creates resilience. Just like the crocus that grows right through the center of the leaf or the daylily that keeps coming back, right through the asphalt. We keep plodding away, with our ups and downs, taking what life gives us and doing the best we can with it. Thank God for ART! I think that is what keeps me sane...........
off to go do art with the kids........

Feeling scattered

Amazing how when one thing gets postponed it effects everything else. I had a delay in one painting job and it threw off everything else. I was on such a roll..then it all came to a standstill. Now it's hard to make a committment to anything else, because I don't want to have to stop in the middle of anything. Donna's bathroom is one example. I'm not sure when I'll be back to finish it. Hopefully after this weekend things will fall into place. I'll hopefully have finished the Mt. Kisco job. Not particularly thrilled with this finish.... not enough contrast and I have a feeling when I show him the sample board, he may feel the same way.
I received one book for the ColorErratica RR, hot pink and orange. I tried working on it last night, but it just wasn't happening. Came up with an idea in bed though....I guess somtimes you just have to sit with things for awhile. Only problem with that is that everything starts piling up on me. Still haven't put my tax info together. I hate this time of the year!!!!! I had an idea in the shower this morning that maybe I need to be creative with this. Make some really cool folders for each month, something I can look forward to using.....something!!! because this is PAINFUL!!
Hardest Part is Getting Started........
I wanted to put the flatme and john in the profile section, but I can't figure out how to do it. Damn!

Me and John traveling lightly Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Go with the flow Posted by Hello

ColorErratica RR: My colors

One page of the colorErratica RR. Ultramarine Blue /Turquoise and Copper. My message to go with the flow...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Taking Flight

I had a completely different idea in mind for this project. As I was cleaning up the art room, I found this house-shaped shadowbox and decided to use it. I thought the background would be clouds, but more cleaning produced this paper I had left over from another project.
As I was ripping and gluing I liked the way the paper gave this feeling of a cocoon. This was a snowy, cold day and I was musing on this idea of our home as a cocoon, protecting us, wrapping us in warmth. There are times in my life when I could easily stay wrapped up in this cocoon and not venture out, not take risks, and stay in the illusion of being safe. But we must take a leap of faith. We do this every day. Every time we walk out that door, we are venturing into unknown territory, not knowing what possibilities the world will hold in store for us. So we take flight. We may come upon surprises, miracles around the next corner, and sometimes even unaware of them.
So on this cold winter day, comfortable in my warm and cozy room, creating, I realize it is not so easy to take flight, not now. But soon it will be spring and then we will all be buzzing around.

House of Flight Posted by Hello

for Jake

Hi Jake, Love you. Miss you. Bookmark me so you can come visit frequently. I'll post some new pictures soon. Off to scrape the car......Hate the winter!!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pour me another one Jeeves Posted by Hello

Art Expo

We went to the ArtExpo in the city. It was a great show and of course I took flat Mai-Liis. It's fun to see other people's reaction to all of this. I got some great shots. I'm realizing that most of my year will be involved with these flat selves and I must say it sure makes things a lot more interesting and whimsical. It sure brings a lot more laughter into my life and sharing it brings laughter to others too.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mai-Liis with Uncle Joe at his birthday lunch.  Posted by Hello

March Challenge

Altered book meeting tonight. Not sure what I want to work on. Actually, it's more like, what do I want to pack up. I have 5 projects going right now and only one of them would not be good to take with me. In order of priority, I should work on Mai-Liis' book because it needs to go out by the 7th. And I'll take her with me as well as the camera. I love this camera.
Tomorrow I work at Donna's on the ceiling. Work on the clouds and stars, then I have a class. Sometimes I find it hard to switch gears, going from one project to another especially when I am in a groove. This week starts a new session, so I need to replenish the well. I made myself a challenge for this month. No new art supplies, unless I am to use it in a current project. That means no buying because it's on sale or just because I love it and I might use it someday.
I actually had a 6 yr. old art student tell me I shouldn't buy anything but rather use up what I had. Out of the mouths of babes..... I found all sorts of things the other day as I was cleaning and reorganizing. So that's the challenge. Use what I have.