A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, October 31, 2005

After doing some work earlier in the day, I spent some time at the beach. It was my "artist's date". It was such a perfectly beautiful day. I found this one tree that had turned color. I am surprised there are not more. So many trees are still green. Mid to upper 60's. I walked onto the beach collecting shells and anything else that was white. I thought I'd take some pictures for the white book to put on my sign in tag. So I got to play. I met someone who used to take Al's yoga class. Small world.

~Art Therapy ~

Although I THINK I am finished, I'm pondering adding to the sunset picture (below) thinking it needs something. Words maybe. I like putting the pictures up from Picasa and from the camera, rather than from scanning them. I don't like the border around the picture from the scan....so I put it up again.
For some reason, when John saw the sunset picture of "opening to the creator" his first reaction was to say that a lot of anger was coming out into my work. It's the second piece I did that he saw something I did not see. Am I not seeing something? Either way, I am releasing through my art and that is good, even if the message we get from it may differ. I wouldn't mind some feedback as to what feelings one gets with this work.

I'm noticing an eye here. Opening to the eye of God..... Posted by Picasa

Twilight Tree Posted by Picasa

The white house. What it should be, filled with love and peace Posted by Picasa

my last spread in Adriane's white book Posted by Picasa

Adriane's white book Posted by Picasa

New Art : White and Sunset

Interesting when I think about these two books. It's like one extreme to the other. Although white is considered the combination of all color, for me, it was a challenge as it felt like no color. Then the opposite of the sunset colors which to me is all colors except green. This could also be reflected in how I was feeling all month....one extreme to another, being pulled in two directions and finding it very hard to maintain any balance. Work and play....home and career...hibernating and socializing.

Sunset book

Two spreads I did in Gabe's book for the Colorerratica RR. I used pearlescent liquid acrylics for it and regular acrylic paint for the deep blue, appropriately named Twilight. Maybe I'll call the piece with the tree "twilight". The other piece was inspired by a Shamanic ceremony I went to. When we entered a heart that was shaped by yellow flowers, I viewed everyone from behind, opening to the blessings from the Creator and entering our hearts and Pachamama, Mother Earth.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

grow...allow...release Posted by Picasa

letting go...... Posted by Picasa

Begin to be altered Posted by Picasa

Can one give birth to oneself? Posted by Picasa

Deep Colors

I finished the green, sepia, bronze book. Interesting stuff that came up. I really like the colors and they are similar to the ones I chose. John said it was "dark". What can I say, this stuff is in me and like the autumn season, it's good to release. I never know what is going to come up when I paint...but in light of what has been going on with me...this makes sense. Releasing and letting go and giving birth to my new self. It's time. Autumn is probably the most spiritual time of the year for me, as it makes one ponder the cycle of life more. The idea of releasing oneself back to the earth, but also knowing renewal, rebirth will come again.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Laundry Room

Still painting at Michelle's. This is a work in progress. So far I have 3 towels, need 2 more. The shelf above the sink has the duck and soap, but still needs some work, some better shading. The shadows on the wall will help it look like it's on the wall and not floating. Thinking I should have angled the shelf differently. Thinking of adding some water dripping off the shelf too. More to come..