A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, October 31, 2005

~Art Therapy ~

Although I THINK I am finished, I'm pondering adding to the sunset picture (below) thinking it needs something. Words maybe. I like putting the pictures up from Picasa and from the camera, rather than from scanning them. I don't like the border around the picture from the scan....so I put it up again.
For some reason, when John saw the sunset picture of "opening to the creator" his first reaction was to say that a lot of anger was coming out into my work. It's the second piece I did that he saw something I did not see. Am I not seeing something? Either way, I am releasing through my art and that is good, even if the message we get from it may differ. I wouldn't mind some feedback as to what feelings one gets with this work.

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Tessenei said...

I looked at your work for a long time before I read what you had written. I looked at it for so long because I felt 'JOY' when I looked at it and I loved the feeling. I was shocked to read someone saw anger...
The colors of the 'eye of God' are beautiful, loving, joyful colors to me ...