A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birds and the Bees

and the flowers

and the trees ...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A cure for what ails you...

Feeling a bit stuck, restless... and I needed to go out and walk for a while. Maybe a new cigar box to create with.. but they were closed. So I walked to one of my favorite houses to see if the poppies were open yet.

No. They weren't but the Iris's were and they were growing along the outside wall of the house.

One of my favorite flowers to photograph..

Behind the wall a few Rhododendrons were hiding their blooms..

and the walk home brought some more luscious blooms.

Feeling much better.

Don't forget to click for close-ups :-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Looking Within

One tiny incident.. or not so tiny... causes me to look within myself to find the real reason for the "mood". One decision made, sets off the feeling of doubt.. which way to go.. yes or no.. bringing up feelings of being taken advantage of.. caused by past decisions made.
I stop. Realizing where the uncomfortable feeling has come from..
it's past. gone. done with. let it go.
Move forward. Get in touch with my feelings about the situation now. I am different now.
I always have a choice and can make new choices.. choose new responses.
In order to do that, I need to stop.. go within.. get in touch with the truth of my being.. this me "now" and choose.
We have the answers with in us. We just need to stop the external commotion all around us.. get quiet enough to listen to that voice within.. and feel that power of knowing.
we do know. we DO know.
Know the triggers that set off those feelings, explore them, and then make the "now" decision.
I cannot be the answer for you and you cannot be the answer for me.. we each have that answer within us.. find it for yourself as I will work on finding my own answers..
and then we can share.
Share what we find. Commune with each other. Teach our process.
I cannot give you fish anymore, or at least I don't want to... I want you to fish for yourself... and here lies the journey.. how to fish, where to fish, which pole do I use, which waters are best... Each of us need to discover that for ourselves, I guess.. that is the journey.
Each of us need to find those sacred waters, discover our own way to dive in.. into the center of our divine Self.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A deeper look

The antidote to stress for me is to take out the camera and go outside and wander around looking for flowers or other objects and take a closer look... a deeper, what's -going -on- in -there, deeper look. It puts things into perspective for me I guess. Brings me to ponder the mystery of life, why we are here and helps me take a look beyond the small petty stuff and look more to the bigger picture.. because it's all reflected in the small things of life.
From the wide expansiveness of the Universe to the smallest seed or grain of sand... as above, so below.... There must have been such an immense power of love to create all of this.
It humbles me.
It makes me take a deeper breath.
A deeper look within myself... to look at my beliefs.. question where they came from and if they still hold true or if I am just comfortable with them.
Change.. dramatic changes, crises kind of change, draws me in.. just like a flower. Taking a deeper look within my self - a deeper look to see those seeds that will eventually flower.
I want to bloom into my truest Self.
A scallion is no less beautiful that the lotus when looked upon with deep tender, loving eyes.. and that is where I can honor life.. through my lens, my eyes.. feeling blessed to know this moment, this present moment.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Luscious Spring

When life gets overwhelming

and the list gets longer

I feel


My time out

was to pull out the camera

and focus




that was