A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shari's journal

I woke this morning feeling such a deep feeling of gratefullness, filled with joy! I've been feeling that a lot lately. I'm just so joy-filled with being here in this new place. I spent the day yesterday painting in the art room.. the ceiling and "sky light" and found myself painting a book case 10 pm last night.
This book is Shari's from the ART SAVES Round Robin and is the last one. It was just what I needed to stay connected to my art while we were in this chaotic process of moving. I still am working out of boxes, but I know it will all get done in time... or will it :-)
I know myself enough to realize that stuff hardly ever gets "done" as one thing has a sense of order something else will need it and there is that constant search for "perfection" in things that keep it all moving.... after all - once things are complete, finished, we've moved on from this plane to another.. and then in a sense ... it's STILL not done. Who knows what work will have to do on the "other side" :-)
Hopefully it will entail something very creative.
Happy Day All


Carmen said...

this new place i live, my home, it is that my home (swoooon!)
i know what you mean!!!
love this!
hugs Doreen!

Karen D said...

I agree! hugs,