A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, August 15, 2008

The last of our trip, coming down from the top of Tequille Island, the sky changed from this beautiful blue to this..............
a little scary
but not as scary as being on a boat in the middle of a storm.
One of my fears? Drowning.
And yet here I was, on a boat rocking like hell and all I could think of was Silvia's words... Mai-Liis living to a ripe old age, me traveling with John... nope. not going to drown today.
still f**k'n' scary though.

But I felt a little bit braver afterwards. The weather cleared a bit as we went through the reeds. At least we could SEE. The rain had come down so hard, windows fogging up, there's no way the boat driver would have been able to see going through them... and NO WIPERS.

So, here I am sitting a my computer. Comfortable. Safe. After reading a blog which triggered a thought about traveling, leaving behind all these comfortable things we have stored up in our nests... how does one become comfortable, reaching outside the comfort zone and into the world at large. Reaching outside the comfort zone of anything for that matter. Risk. Taking a leap of faith off that huge cliff.

I jump between worlds. The safe and secure... rooted, comfortable, surrounded by all that I love..... and the needing to explore this vast, bewildering, magical world. Physically in the world, and emotionally in my art.

what the heck is safety anyway? isn't that just an illusion? a state of mind? it always calls me back to the big picture.. The BIG picture... that we are always safe, the whole entire world is our home, and what is there to be afraid of anyway... really?

It is the mouse, eyes to the ground, seeing the detail of everything and forgetting how to soar like the condor or eagle and seeing it all from above... the big picture.. the magnificent beauty of this planet....... I really miss Peru.

But we leave for the mountains next week. Leaving my honeycomb to explore :-)


Chaska Peacock said...

Loved this entry! The interesting part is that I had no fear on the boat, though I also share your fear of drowning. I was gripped with fear while walking at 13,000 ft. on Tacquile Island. This leaves me wondering whether fear, just like life, is only a projection. What if there is no reality of its own? What if it's all about what we as individuals make up? Being in a familiar place with familiar people helps us keep steady in our perceptions....but, when we step out of the familiar...out of our matrix....all bets are off in terms of being certain about anything.

Shayla said...

This is a beautiful post. Your words on safety resonate. My brother and his wife just got back from Peru (they stayed 6 months) and I can see some of the places they went to in your shots.

I met you through The Pulse. If you participate in awards I have a prize for you at my blog.