A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Grandpa Woodstock

Peace and Love is what he preaches... and repeatedly says he is blessed.
One of the few hippies left in Woodstock. He's cool :-)
All the times we've been here, I never met him, but he said to "google" him and I'll find hundreds of hits. I haven't tried it yet, but here I am adding one more.
After spending a week in the Catskills, savoring the fresh mountain air, meditating by the Esopus, and just relaxing and hanging out, I spent the majority of the day checking emails and blogs.
Just before I left, I participated in an artists survey done by Seth at The Altered Page where over 80 artists participated in it. Very cool! You must check it out.
The most wonderful thing is that it's amazing way to get to know other artists and their blogs and get to know them a little bit deeper if you already know of them or just find new bloggy friends:-)..... so Thanks Seth!!
Most of my art, Mandalas lately, are on the other blogs (links upper left hand corner :-)
Some of my vacation pictures will be here and the mandalas I've worked on at A Year of Art and more "deeper" questioning on it all will be at Roots 'n' Wings.
ok, now I'm off to google "grandpa"..........

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seth said...

Thanks Doreen for the post about The Pulse. So happy you are a part of this project!