A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life is Good :-)

layers and layers and layers of good times and happiness, not to mention clothing!

I'm sure everyone else getting TUT...notes from the Universe got this as well, but the Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu... got my attention........ I love getting these notes :-)

The funny thing, Doreen, is that in spite of the euphoria one feels upon entering paradise, cloaked in miracles, surrounded by angels, love, and unimaginable beauty, it gradually becomes all they know, commonplace, ordinary, and then, shockingly... invisible.
Yep, I'm talking about life on earth.
Yippee Kai-Ye, The Universe
Machu Picchu! Machu Picchu! Machu Picchu!
Please join me, Doreen, as we kick off TUT's Wonders of the World Tour! Make new friends, travel back in time, and dance with the gods at the most famous lost city ever found!
It's so you!
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You live in heaven, Doreen, you really do.

Yes I do:-) Loving my life living with my sweetest man... sharing it with good friends... doing art!

Life here more often than not is heavenly.

Live life as the miracle it is.


Chaska Peacock said...

So, what'ya think? Should we go back with Mike Dooley?:-)

Doe Grozs Art said...

well, I did take a peak, but it's only a week... our trip was much better :-)