A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Please Vote

I'm finding this quite interesting that the two Planets Saturn and Uranus are in exact opposition today... What the heck does that mean??
Well, these two major planets are slower moving and therefore effect us all as a group as well as individually. Depending on where they are in your chart (house position) will determine what issues will be effected for you on a more personal level...
But on a more global level..
Think on this: (taken from the Cosmic Calender)
(I put in the bold lines)
p.s. you could also substitute McCain for Saturn and Obama for Uranus.

-- the first of five Saturn-Uranus oppositions (5:34AM PST) stretching out until late July of 2010. To say this is challenging is the understatement of the year. These planets form polarities around every 43 -- 45 years. They are definite rivals in which battle lines are drawn between the past and the future, tradition versus innovation, order versus rebellion, logic versus intuition, the status-quo versus revolutionary changes, and the list goes on. The fact that an American presidential election happens today -- not just influencing the USA, but also the entire world -- is par for the course that the universe loves to tinker with human affairs and earthly happenings. Everyone now has to do a delicate balancing act -- internally and externally -- as these two giant planetary archetypes push us all to the brink. Fear (Saturn) is now in many ways combating the urge toward liberation (Uranus). Nevertheless, the shattering of old bounds and established ways of doing things is always unsettling and, in this case, can be true on a massive, shocking scale. Keep in mind that the Moon is still void and thereby in unreliable shape until it enters Aquarius (4:03PM PST). Thereafter, it's a good idea to focus your gaze on group projects, team sports, community events, national goals, global causes and fulfilling your higher destiny.
Mercury enters Scorpio (8:01AM PST) until November 22. This ingress by the fleet-footed Messenger of the Gods encourages research, detective work, ferreting out secrets and learning more about ancient cultures and civilizations.
Another important polarity occurs today -- Venus in Sagittarius opposing Juno in Gemini (3:48AM PST) -- bringing in a sharp focus of the feminine confrontation that mimics the masculine divide symbolized by Saturn at loggerheads with Uranus.
Stay alert and write down inspirations in a special journal as Mercury makes supportive, 60-degree ties to Ceres (1:55PM PST) and Juno (11:43PM PST).
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