A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm neglecting this blog... as I've been posting more on the other two (left side are links) but today, this struck me and it's not about art....
or is it?
I have been having some crazy stuff happening to my body and when reading this from Daily Wisdom, by Lissa Coffey, I said, oh yes... this I am experiencing.
First poison ivy, which you already know if you've gone to the other blogs.. but now I have a rash, hives, on my body. Itchy as all hell! ( hell=not a good or fun experience).
"When one is pretending the entire body revolts." -Anais Nin
Self-awareness means also being in touch with the signals that our body gives us. We might try to "fake it" on the outside, but we can't fool ourselves. The body doesn't lie. When we get stressed out it can show up in our stomach, or our back, or as a headache. ( or all over my face........)
We can use those signals to give our body what it needs to come back into balance - whether it's a glass of water, a massage, or a nap! -Lissa Coffey

I may need something stronger than water, nap or massage... although I have been eating very lightly, fruits and water, to help cleanse my system.
Something obviously needs to escape from me, but what I am not sure.
Neck area. Speak up about what I need... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not a ask for help sort of person, tending to rather do it myself - RELEASE CONTROL!!!
Belly area, 3rd chakra, the will center.
My needs, my will, conflicting with "out there"- herein lies a big problem.
Being nice. Always being nice, keeping the peace, compromising for the sake of not causing too many disturbances... Mrs. Nice Gal
How to vent in a non-threatening way?
Think Rash = anger trying to release itself. It's evident something needs to be released and my body is openly displaying this... no hiding.
Maybe it's all about resenting the time I put into projects, that take away from my art.
I want both worlds and I'm trying very hard to create a balance.
I could easily live in a dellusional world, LaLaLand... and stuff the "what about ME!!!!!" part inside......... but not this time, Dor.
It's screaming at you!
All I have to do is look in the mirror (yikes!) to reveal that what is inside me needs to be released on an emotional level.
And so, I take a deep breath and begin again to make some room for myself, my art.


Barbara Ann said...

I sure hope this is beginning to clear up. I think you're right about it being caused by emotional issues. Back in the days when I was still cohabitating with my almost ex hubby, he often got rashes on his body and would stand in the shower letting hot water beat on the him as it provided a bit of relief .. he still gets them occasionally as well as allergies. I'm not saying everyone who gets rashes or allergies is really stuffing their emotions, but it sometimes happens. With me, it usually surfaces in soreness of my arms, shoulders, neck, sometimes wrists. I've learned when that happens to let go of some of my feelings of responsibility for things I can't control. The skin irritations and allergic reactions speak to me more of being irritated with someone or some situation ... may be time to take a look at something you've been tolerating because "that's just the way it is" and see if it really has to continue to be that way?

Sending healing cyber hugs :)

Doe Grozs Art said...

Well, I did go to an allergiest and it was the poison ivy coming out in my body, but evidently had touched it again, so there were new areas coming out as well... 2nd round of prednisone cleared it all up, but from the "emotional" point of it, there were some "irritations" that I was tolerating (person and situation) and funny thing is, I am one who will stuff my emotions rather than being confrontational... peacekeeper middle child syndrom and I AM working on it.......
very insightful of you Barb!
My healer friend who does Pyche-K pretty much said that I need to EXPRESS my needs, etc.

Barbara Ann said...

Yeah I know that confrontation avoiding peacekeeper well .. 2nd of four kids in my family. Learning the way of the peaceful warrior, finding a stand to take and taking it .. all part of transforming into authentic! Not always easy ... but always worth it :)