A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's Sacred?

Everything has it's purpose. One thing no more important than another. Everything has it's role to maintain balance and harmony in life. Why do we choose to not remember this? Why do we forget....................................... (ego).
I am mostly in awe as I walk with my camera. The slightest thing that catches my eye, can have profound meaning as I allow it's "purpose" to sink in. Purpose may be unknown to us. Do we need to know the purpose to EVERYTHING even though we'd like to.... Just knowing there must be or why on earth would it be here. (Talking nature here, not stuff that is man-made.)
Most often, we would swat at a fly or creep out at the sight of a slug, but take a good look. A close-up look to see it's actual beauty. Delicate patterns, shimmery surface...
and then there is the abundance of what life provides for us. In all stages, there is beauty.
Beauty at birth, the journey along the way and then the beauty in the end stages. There is where wisdom is held and to me wisdom is beautiful. What has your life's journey taught you? What gifts has it given you and what have you given back?
In the end, we all have played a part, however insignificant you may think it was... maybe giving birth or the giving of your love was all that was needed and that is true abundance.


squarepegperson said...

ohmyword, ohmyword, ohmyword!!!! i just followed your comment on Pattie Mosca's blog (awesome, wonderful Pattie!!) and found your site...so I'm looking around

and i see the sacred life sunday graphic..which I have on my blog as well...and then i saw your mention of "Fools Gold"..and i'd never heard of that book - but the AUTHOR...oh, i LOVE her..her first book is one of my very favorites..and i've often wished she'd write another..i've used ideas from her first book in loads of classes I've taught and in therapy (i'm a recovering psychotherapist..grin)- I looked a number of times for a sequel, and finally thought...well..i guess she's not going to write one..

i can't tell you how excited I was to see this..and then to wander through your blog(s)..wow..what a night! I am soooo inspired..thank YOU!!!!!!!!

Barbara Ann said...

I'm giggling with squarepegperson now and can hardly remember what I came here to say after reading "recovering psychotherapist" ... heh!

Oh, I wanted to say that I LOVE your blog thoughts and reading your blog has done much to make me consider actually making a space in time to do one my own self one of these fine days. It's so cool to have all of these musings and teachings and learnings in one place! Very good for the readers and I'm so tempted to become one of the writers.

You have once again rocked my world, Doreen :)

Huge Hugs,

kaslkaos said...

Beautiful writing, inspiring pictures. I've been feeling blank lately--this is such a tonic. So glad I found this.

Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

I had a question today (to myself) about gifts we receive from the universe. With in this post you gave me such an insight, about the journey and the gifts we receive along the way...hard to explain, but Thanks!