A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Exhibit- revised!

Camp is over. I have my life back :-)

It seems once that camp ends, my mind races with all sorts of ideas. Camp eats up so much of my time, that when it's over, it creates a vacuum and now I am observing all that needs to be done around here. Work needs to be framed, cards made, other work to be finished.

2 nights of mental meanderings kept me awake.

Ideas flooded in.

Our exhibit is at the Wainwright House in Rye. Reception is Sunday, Sept. 25
from 5-7, right after the community (Healing Arts) fair.

Hey, go to the fair and then come to the show!!!

We've gone to the fair in the past and there have been some great lectures (free) along with having some readings done. Pam Cucinell did my chart last year and has really made an impression with me because of what she picked up on.

One was moving. Check!

the other was working with my husband.. and here we are exhibiting together. check !

We'll be hanging the work on Sept. 23 and taking it down Oct. 22, so if by any chance you cannot come to the opening, you'll have a chance during that time.

Once this comes down, John will be exhibiting solo at the library in Harrison for November.

We are busy bees :-)

I'll keep you posted..

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