A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, April 24, 2011

We ARE worthy

Morning meditation on Easter Morning..

I think on these things..

REbirth.. REnewal..

and the deeper mystery of life..

it's changes, transformations and how to rise above the fears that change..

unwanted and quick change.. creates.. change that comes to us when we do not understand what is happening or why.

The pain that comes along with the knowledge of someone else's pain.. compassion, empathy.. and the fervor of praying so hard it just has to change the outcome!

I think on this and the miracles that surround it..

Easter is the celebration of Christ rising...


is the message to us saying there is no death...

and therefore should not be feared..

then why do we fear it..

because we are not so sure..

How do we rise above the fear of losing, not being good enough, strong enough, loved enough..

In my mandala, I sent out prayers to the four directions of the Earth..

to the sun,

to the land,

to the waters..

to all of us.. for peace.. for love..

to overcome small pettiness, hurts from our childhood, from words spoken carelessly..

for healing..

We are worthy of all the abundance the earth offers.. we are entitled to happiness and the right to live a life that is secure.. that supports our basic needs..

healthy food, clean water, the right to breathe fresh air...
We should all be living a life that is filled with joy.. the opportunity to use our talents..

the encouragement and support to move forward -

discovering our true purpose,

our higher spiritual reason for existing.

We all deserve unconditional love.

Christ was all about love.

Whatever your beliefs are, we all share that..

that we are worthy of love..

I love you :-)


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