A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, October 17, 2011

Window Painting in town

Children and Adults came out to decorate the windows of downtown Harrison and West Harrison on Sunday. A beautiful day with the sun shining, it was a joyful sight to watch everyone have fun.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Work in Progress....

I'm taking an online course with Donna Iona Drozda. I love following her blog while following the phases of the moon. Working with the moon is learning to live with nature's cycles.. to everything there is a season.

As I have been following her lessons, I've been putting my images and ideas on to paper and canvas. The art show is hanging and I now need to refocus on my art again. I planted my vision seeds during the new moon. Each new moon, I write my intentions in a journal... and I usually leave it at that. This class is keeping me on track... following through with my ideas. Give birth to them. Those seeds that have begun to send a root down, they look like sperm, ready to fertilize and nourish my idea. 2nd Chakra.. creating that vision. I'm still home, working on this idea, playing and creating...until I am ready to take it outside.

mmm. who do I take it to? how do I present it? is it good enough????? notice those seeds that have sprouted?? it was while painting them, that I began to see them as question marks.

There is the challenge.. to move beyond those self doubts, beyond questioning things so much that I drop it. I want to nurture the seed/vision. Tend to them lovingly, gently.

It was during this quarter moon that I realized how energetic I became and how much I got done out in the world. Awareness. Being in Community. Those roots that grow deep into the earth mingle with other roots. They join together, in unity and those roots become stronger. We need to take our gifts out into the world, move beyond those self-doubts.

I realize I do not need to know how things will play out. Experience has taught me that life unfolds in unexpected ways and it's easiest to flow with it. Allow it to happen. Being aware, in tune with it, is like icing. Yum.