A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, December 15, 2011

An encouraged Path

Saying good bye to the turtle altered spice bottle.

The show at the Mamaroneck Library was pretty successful. The Altered Spice Bottles received the most attention. I sold some framed mandala prints - 2 of my favorites - and some cards.

The cards are something new for me. The exhibit at Masterpiece Framing and the Wainwright House gave me the impression they would sell, not as well as I had anticipated, but enough for me to keep at it.

I sold one that had my son's digital image on it and that was one of those "feel good" moments.

She bought it specifically because of the image. Kudos to Jake!

Winding down this year and reflecting on all it held for us, we both did well in the art department. We both sold our art, encouraging us both to stay on this path of creating and putting it out there into this world. Putting one's art out there and feeling the welcoming response to it, gives us the encouragement that we have found a path that we can share.

We both love to do art and it is true that when you follow your passion, money will follow.

It's more than money though... it's the knowing that someone values your "being", your soul.

When someone has a piece of your art, that have a piece of your soul.

Thank you.