A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Saturday, September 02, 2006

a boy and his dog

This is a picture of Jake and Rauch'n. One thing I saw was how much love is between them and how good Jake is with his dog. It is a lesson in unconditional love. It is a good lesson and one we could all practice more of with humans. Why do we find it easier with animals? But I say look at how someone treats their pets and it will tell you a lot about them.... their soul.

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JoTee said...

I agree animals are so much easier to love, they are cuter, cuddle nice, there so soft, they always smile, they love us even when our hair is a mess...I wish that everyone would LOVE & takecare of the NEW child for as long as they both shall live. So many are not loved nearly as much as Jake & others love their furry friends.

Hugs JoTee