A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, January 30, 2009

Solar Return

My very cute husband knocked on the door yesterday evening.. holding a dozen roses and a chocolate cake :-) Today is my birthday and I get to look at these beauties all day long...
I'm feeling that this year will be an exceptionally good one. Jupiter is in Aquarius for the year and in my 5th house of creativity hanging out with my sun... Expansion is key word for Jupiter.
So my goals are to be expansive in my art.. to be courageously colorful.. fully expressive. As art should be.
I've got lots going on.. dolls, mandalas, art journals, oil painting and a "green" project that I'll share later on. My classes are expanding and I may even open up a new preschool class. People still call me for yoga classes.. EXPANSION!
Yesterday, I was at a client's house exploring various ideas in creating in her home. Lots of work there for me.. and fun stuff.
I had someone ask me if I was being effected by the economy.. I looked at her and said "in a good way"... my classes grew from last session. I have a belief. Live rightly. Do the best you can. Be honest. Offer something for the good of humanity and don't rip people off.
I am rich in love and friendships and work that I love and that is all that matters.
I'm working on my abundance dolls... yes, two. Mostly because it allows me options to try stuff that I may not do if I only had one.. and I may make more.
New class in Shrines is next with Chaska.
and now to go smell the roses............


mermaid musings said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Very happy birthday!
I love love love Birthdays!
and gifts!
A handmade pendant (made by a mermaid, that's me!) is in its way to celebrate you even more!

Lori said...