A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, February 23, 2009

Yes, that's a NO

Yes comes out of my mouth more often than not... thus, I usually overcommit. Yes is good and nice and friendly and a part of the wanting experience. I want to try everything (safe :-) and saying yes also helps me to push the boundaries and try to reach out of my safety zone regarding art. I'm not a risk-taker physically.
Sometimes No means yes... Yes to myself. How appropriate this came in my mailbox this morning from Susan Gregg:
"If we can't say no to people we aren't really able to say yes either. If we aren't comfortable putting ourselves first, if we aren't willing to love ourselves enough to do say no, we can't freely say yes. If we don't love ourselves we can't really love others either. Give yourself permission to say NO so you can say yes to the magic and wonders of life.
With love and aloha,
"This stuff seems like brainwashing," said the student."Your brain needs washing," replied the teacher.http://susangregg.com/meditationvideo.htm

She headed it with "No is a complete sentence". Love it. Simple. No explanations or whining.. just say no. No meaning yes.. to me that is.
This morning I gave myself a little bit of yes time.
and the ideas and inspiration came flooding in.
being with myself.
such a wonderful gift....
today give yourself some YES or No.. depends on how you look at it.
Love and Light,


mermaid musings said...

i love this!
yes yes yes!!!!

Chaska said...

Oh, I love this!!!! I hope you don't mind that I borrow it?