A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaaaackk

I've been doing a mandala a day now.. not sure how many day's but it's been steady and haven't skipped a day. They're small but sometimes so intricate they take a bit of time and other times, quick.
Yesterday, I went back to some and added to them. I love mandalas. They bring peace to me. Quiet. A stillness that I can use to help me center.
The above is called, A gift for you and done in sharpies. They smell too much and don't really like using them, but I love the smoothness of the color applied.

This is called Showering you with love. Unfolding my love - unraveling it, opening up to you and showering down upon you all that love that fills my heart. I think we are not always aware of how much love we have stored inside until we open up and let loose and we surprise ourself.. More.. more... keep it flowing. Feed the seeds and let those blooms open up and shower even more love.
So now, I have more blogs than I can probably handle but right now, I am soo very happy!!!

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cheryl said...

Ahh..simply beautiful, cheerful, and inspiring. Showering us with love and beautiful art...

I'm loving it...
thank you!