A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, July 02, 2010

Peace and Quiet

We took a few days to go upstate for some relaxation. This was a real do nothing get away. Sitting on the porch watching clouds go by. Listening to the sounds of nature. Watching and observing birds, rabbits... feeling the breeze. It was perfect weather. Very condusive to bringing me into bliss-state.
I did a little mandala art... a LOT of reading... a little shopping in Woodstock.. and eating the most delicious corn and salmon.. Thanks Jake :-)
Taking some walks by the "creek" to listen to the water, watching some tubers and these ducks. They were so cute and very fast.. especially when the tubers came!

This rabbit hung around almost every day. We shared space together, quietly.
Going into nature to spend some time is one of the most healing things we could have done. John was definitely more revitalized by it. A deep appreciation for this gift of time.. time to share with my son and his girlfriend... for John and me to share together without distractions - or not too many anyway...
peace and quiet.. what we need to give to ourselves more often.
No tv. No phone.
Away from doing.
Just being.

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gemma said...

Beautiful. We all need down time. What a lovely place to spend it. Nature seems to let us be blissful.