A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sacred Layers

What is on the surface, this top layer of your life that is exposed, open for all to see? Are there obvious wounds, physical imperfections for all to see? Maybe not.
Maybe the wounds are just below the surface, just beneath the skin or maybe hidden beneath layers of clothing.. and then maybe the layer goes even deeper and not one person would even guess there is a wound, some scar left from the past.
How deep are these layers?
But even more important is how deep do we need to go to find the source of the wound... because it is there. The source for even the most obvious is buried deep within us... layers and layers.. and we dig and dig to get at it.
We unearth several layers, sacred layers of our existence to search for the truth - the source of our hurt. The real source.
The fear issue I was looking at today was defined to me as "abandonment". I didn't see it that way on a conscious level.. I just looked at my fear of someone dying as a deep loss. A little later on (during a quick meditation) I saw a moment of my past.. a source of this fear perhaps. Fear of something being taken away, fear of loss. An inner voice - that little "enlightened" moment.. aah, the holding on. I do hold on. Sometimes way too tightly.
I imagine releasing things, letting go, giving away.. and having compassion for myself for being this way. That is the dark side of grasping, holding.. so I bring it to light, bring it to the surface so light can shine on it. If it comes to the light, it can be delt with.. not so if it's buried in the deepest shades and I cannot see it.
A quote shared with me today:
"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, it is by making the darkness conscious." Jung


Stacy Wills said...

beautiful mandala! i like that (new to me) quote from jung. timely words - as always.

Julia aka Mersea said...

Very nice!

Susie said...

Your mandelas are always so wonderful. I have enjoyed seeing them in the journals as they passed my way. Your painting always looks so smooth on the gesso painted background. When I try painting a design on the gessoed canvas it looks jagged. Great job!