A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, April 16, 2012

Art of the Young Child Reception

The show is up and the reception was fun. Parents brought dishes from their country of origin. From Italian cookies to Mexican flan to Chinese dumplings... and lots in between to try and fill the belly..

The kids came and played.. twirling around and filled with excitement

Sampling those colorful goodies..

Chocolate covered strawberries being a big hit!
The exhibit is filling the halls of the Harrison Municipal Building and will be hanging until middle of May. It includes the artwork of close to 40 children.. 38? 39?

and captures in photos.. by me.. their process of creating

along with some inspiring quotes.

This is the 6th year.

It was originally inspired by Ginny Carpenter, then a director of the Harrison Children's Center. I had been doing the Youth Art Month show in March and Lola Geiger the president of the Center wanted the kids to be included.. but I could not do it.. instead, the next best thing was to have a show of their own!

Ginny and I discussed it and agreed to do it.

Unfortunately Ginny became ill and passed and I did this show in memory of her.

It was such a success that I was asked to continue.

It grew so big, we had to divided the two centers into two different shows.

So now I get back on the horse.. and put together the West Harrison exhibit that will be in May.

It is a joy and

I thank Ginny for getting it going...

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