A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, June 22, 2012

On the easle

With most of the art still hanging at Masterpiece Framing, 
I pulled paintings from "storage" to fill in the empty spaces.  
One space still available and unable to resist a canvas sale, I bought the 36x36 and it's on the easel.
Easel as my alter. 
I was feeling a bit sorry regarding not going to the summer solstice events.. yoga, fire ceremony.. 
until I realized I was participating.. here at home.. painting!  
It's my Summer Solstice painting, honoring Solar power, 
our own sacred power, 
solar plexus.. third chakra.. 
Fire. Passion.
That passion we hold, the fire in the belly, 
that which we MUST do
and send out into the world..
with love.
May your passions be spilled out and flow into the world to fill only those spots that you can fill.

back to painting...

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cheryl said...

Simply gorgeous -- and love that it's the 3rd chakra... happy painting!