A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dream State

Watching from above

I had a strange dream last night and thinking it was just from all the elements of the day swirling together.
I am walking into church (St. Gregory's). Others are walking in with me. Church is full. I walk over to the right and sit in one of the smaller pews towards the back.
As I am walking there, the priest stops the mass, and calls to me by name and asks if I will read.
I don't really want to I say.
He asks again.
I say, "my nose is all stuffy".
He comes down from the pulpit and walks over to me carrying a large, round, multi-tiered candy type dish.
It is sectioned off, each section holding tiles of various sizes and shapes.
There is a covering for it.
He places it down next to me and tells me all I have to do is read the back of the tile from one section. They are blue squares.
He tells me he wants people to get to know me.
As he puts it down, I am now not so sure which ones he meant and begin to take them out of their "sections" and read the back.. each having one word typed on them. Some are words of nature.. frog.. others not so "clear".. Ab, na.. 
As I pull off tile after tile, I begin to make a mess, piling and mixing up these tiles.
I do not read and eventually apologize for making a mess. The tiles are spread out taking up space on the pews around me. Two men standing cannot sit. I try to clean it up.
I am now in a room, the priest's room, looking through a telescope that is set up to look at a stone building. It is round, all stone with a door and thinking it is an ancient building people go to visit, and he must check out who goes there.

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Stacy Wills said...

Doreen, what a fascinating dream! What do you make of it? (love the image, too!)