A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Nice Job Christo! Posted by Hello

Mai-Liis in NYC Posted by Hello

The Gates NYC Posted by Hello

The Gates NYC

Me and Carol took Flat Mai-Liis into the city to central park. The Gates exhibit was there and it was a fabulous day for it. Cold, but a beautiful blue sky. Very cool experience, a communal exhibit, that had to bring joy to everyone seeing this beautiful saffron color against the clear blue sky. Perfect.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Miki and Zippy with cat ( I fixed the eyes) Posted by Hello

Is Mercury Retrograde or something?????

Ok, I'll be persistant with this and then I'm checking to see. I put the new cat up, but I wanted to reverse the names of cats. Edited it and then the picture was gone...ssssshhhhheeeesh!!


Trying to send another picture. It's not letting me. #$@%&!!!!

A new set of eyes

I had to go back and fix the cat's eyes because they were really bugging me. I took a look at Donna's son's room, to paint the ceiling. I love the stuff she has around her house, bugs and fairies, very earthy and homey. I'll start painting on Tues. which means I need to pick up the paint today. Hopefully, the weather will be nice for tomorrow as we plan to go into the city to see Christo's "Gates".

Monday, February 14, 2005

ColorErratica RR: My colors

A long day made longer due to lack of sleep. Worked on part of my cover for Color Erratica RR this morning at the Altered Book meeting. I chose Earthy colors, green, ochre and burgandy. I want a very earthy feel, a tribute to Mother Earth, not so much the surface, but deeper, into her soil. The colors that would reflect the Earth using what has been recycled. Even deeper still are some colors of gemstones, hidden in her depth.
This RR starts March 15, just short of the Spring Equinox. The Earth will be ready to open up and push upwards. But this is not spring green here that I am using, more of a mossy,woodsy green. It will be interesting to see how I and others in the group respond to certain colors at certain times of the year. These colors I chose are more Autumnal, when she is ready to recycle what has been released. Fallen leaves turning ochre and burgandy. I'll be receiving this book back in Nov., so it will have gone through 3 seasons. How difficult will it be to work with these colors in the summer??
These colors are in my living room. In the rug, and the desk is painted in these colors. When choosing my colors, I went to my paper stash to see what I had. I'm drawn to these colors, if not them, then to purples and blues.
Maybe this influence is my Taurus Moon, an earth sign. Agate, Topaz, Jasper, Garnet. These stones deep within the earth, these too, I want to reflect.
Hopefully, tomorrow, I will get to create some more.
Happy Valentines Day.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Mai-Liis and cats with dollhouse  Posted by Hello

Dollhouse Delivered!!

Yeah, I met my goal and delivered the dollhouse. I just opened up some space for myself to create in. I need it. Took some pictures of flat Mai-Liis and her 2 cool cats......

Friday, February 11, 2005

Cats for Sadie

"I have lived with several Zen Masters - all of them cats" a quote from Eckhart Tolle from The Power of Now.
Went to paint Sadie's room yesterday. Worked on the cat and bird house. Added a butterfly and some more flowers. I probably could work on that cat some more. Think the ears are a little small...I always "see" my glitches in a picture better than in real life. I see it with a different eye. Why is that? This is where the blessing of digital cameras come in.

Zippy and Miki in Sadie's Room Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Organizing my thoughts

I started Sadie's "Garden Room". I framed the windows with some green vines and purple flowers. My idea is to put some flowers growing around the room, adding butterflies. I started a birdhouse on a 5' stake,like a "grow stick", but was running late and had to leave. I hate having to leave in the middle of something. A cat will sit underneath it. Painting again on Thurs. Taking Mai-Liis.....
Thurs. is also Stamp Club meeting. I'm doing the polished stone technique and possibly marbelizing with shaving cream. Bring the Humus Carol made.
I may have finalized my decision on what journal I'm using for HMM flat-self RR. I changed my mind at least 3 times. I wrote up a "storyline" for it and will send my "self" out as an Ambassador of Peace for Mother Earth. I want Carol to take a new picture and one of the back of my head..If we are going to play, we might as well do it up.....This goes out on the 28th.
2005flatselfRR: due begining of the month
ColorErraticaRR: 15th of every month
HMMflatselfRR: due 30th of every month
Transparency Project: play some more..
Dollhouse: This weekend!!
Idea for mini camp: clay? check to see what's downstairs.
Painting ceiling at Donna's that week too.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Altered Spice Bottles Posted by Hello

Altered spice bottles

These are some of the altered spice bottles that I've been making. They have messages inside as well as hanging from fibers or wire on the outside. They are my inspiration bottles. I use gemstones on some, essential oils on the inside and inspiring messages. They can be made for any occasion under the sun.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Mural at Ida's house in her son's room. Posted by Hello

New Month, New Goals

Finished the ocean mural. I have 2 to work on in Feb. A new flatself RR to begin, I HAVE to finish the dollhouse. A bunch of little projects. But major goal is to free up the artroom by finishing the dollhouse. Goal:Feb.14.