A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mercury Retrograde!

Most of the retrogrades, I get by without too much of a problem, but I've been WHAMED! by this one.... I'm not on my own computer which is why I can access it. I cannot sign in... what comes up is that it cannot be displayed. Tried all sorts of ways, but no dice!
Yeah. this #%@*!
First my car died, then the computer had this bogus virus detector that I couldn't get rid of. It sounded like a wild chicken and scared the shit out of you... had to mute it :-)
I did get rid of it by restoring the computer and am thinking maybe that is what I need to do again. ... very frustrating.
I won't go into too much of the other stuff happening in life, but just wanted you all to know, I miss my blogging and I'm not giving up!
If you leave me a comment, I can get it in my email, but won't be able to add the comment - approve it... but hey, you out there in blogland.. if you know of any way to get my blogs back, try to leave the comment and we'll see what happens.
May Mercury be kind to you!
Peace and Love

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Chaska said...

So far, so good over here. I'm sorry you are having a rough time. My teacher would say you are getting rid of bad karma, and going to a higher level. May it be so!