A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Missing something...

This is my cousin "driving" the elephant. I haven't been blogging for awhile, mostly because I've been busy working on projects, teaching classes, taking care of family. I try to sneak in some art here and there, but what I have right now are a bunch of half-finished projects sitting in the art room... waiting patiently for my return. For the most part, it's because my room became too cluttered.
I did go back there yesterday, but it was mostly to excavate my closet. The path to it was blocked with bags of stuff. Stuff from classes, bags of paints from various client's projects, bags of stuff from camp!
I found stuff :-) my ribbon hole punch that I wondered where it was. I found more paint, fabric, beads, and all sorts of bits of stuff.
Good news is I probably don't need to do any more shopping for classes for the rest of the school year and doing this cleansing triggered the creative mind. I can also get to my closet.
Maybe that is why I was "clogged"... physically (nose congestion) and creatively! (This is the creativity center- Feng Shui)
So many projects came to a halt and just sat there.
Something is missing.. but what?
I'm missing adventure what my thought.
I told John I needed to do something exciting. When he asked me what I thouht it was, I felt at loss for what it is I actually want.. is it travel? or is it just the need for some major project to be passionate about. (like the art show that I just did)
This time last year and the year before I was with my friend in Peru. I love Peru, but I don't think I need to go back there... and not sure if there is another place calling me.
Maybe it is art I'm missing.
I had visions of painting off and on during the night.. not sure if I were dreaming or just having visions, but I think it is a call that needs to be answered. I'm sure I'll find the answers there as I usually do... I'm pretty sure it's not driving an elephant though.


Chaska said...

Just a guess, but you may simply be feeling a need for Newness! It's not about not liking one's life, but if we aren't shut down worker bees, we need the stimulation of newness: new experiences, new things to see and hear....in other words...being transported to a different reality for a time.

mermaid musings said...

i like Chaska advice. Receive my hugs, please
p.s. I am with you, i recycle so much that I think I don't need to do any shopping for a while