A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, February 22, 2010

Art Saves Lives - Round Robin

I'm participating in a Round Robin again... (getting over my fear of lost art)
I love doing this, but it broke my heart when another book disappeared with the last RR..
(But I'm over it :-)
and it's because art heals and it can save your life!
This is one page, the other is still in progress.
First some gesso and then I painted and I just HAD to use that stamp. I was in a painting mood mostly, but I did add fabric for the dress and the sign is stamped on card stock.
I'm not sure about the cover yet. Not sure if I want to do it now or later.
Now would mean it would be less bulky and most likely easier to deal with, but I may want to see the overall book and the flavor of it.. to tie it all in.
Still up in the air about it.
Most certainly, I will have fun with it!


lila said...

Love your page!
I like what you said about the cover....I think I could still add another cover or special box to store it in once the book comes back to me!
We will certainly have fun and end up with some wonderful pages done by talented artists!

Carmen said...

Yes this is beautiful!!!!
love it love it love it!!!
thank you so much for sharing your artwork with us
and yes indeed art saves ;-)

shari said...

doreen, i really love your page for our RR! and i took a trip through your art blog...fabulous! your mandalas are just beautiful. the color and shapes really touched me. can't wait to play in your book!

Dream With the Fishes said...

Wow, that's great! I especially love her hair! Good point about wanting to catch a feel from the completed book before making the cover.

This is Serena, the one who's book got lost in the mail and is holding up this project. LOL! I can't wait to get the other one Carmen sent me so I can start playing along!

Ily said...

Beautiful work! I was just telling Carmen how amazing it is...and how intimidated I am by it! lol

Actually, I can't wait to get started, and I will be sharing more on my blog.

PS - This is Ily, by the way (pronounced "Ee-Lee" in Spanish and "Illy" in English). Keep up the great work!!