A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Saturday, February 27, 2010

RR - open spread and links :-)

Here's the second page in the RR canvas book. Needing some color, I think this is the antidote to Winter :-) This actually triggered the paint response in me.. I needed to keep painting, so I did. Picked up another canvas I started and then another.. I'll post those later on.
Snow day yesterday = art day.
Others participating... take a look :-)
Susie/Angie http://crinkleroot.blogspot.com/

Gemma/Linda http://gemmasjournal.blogspot.com/

shari http://teainbohemia.blogspot.com/

Serena http://dreamwiththefishes.blogspot.com/

Karen http://deldino.blogspot.com/

Lila http://artycollagesanddolls.blogspot.com/

Scarlet/Ileana http://littleredhare.blogspot.com/

Carmen http://heartandsoulgardening.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE those colors and swirls and pure joy spilling forth from your canvas pages!! Beeeeautiful! Got to start on mine. xo Serena

Carmen said...

i wish we had snow ;-)

lila said...

Thanks for thelink Doreen!
I love this! Can't wait for you to do page in my journal!
I could use lots more art days...sigh!

Ily said...

You are an amazing artist! The colors and the designs are fantastic!!

Karen D said...

I really love the colors and shapes and the look on her face, so beautiful.

shari said...

oh yeah!!! the colors on your page are so yummy...what an inspiring page! you use color beautifully! can't wait to have a piece of your color joy in my RR book!

Susie said...

Your color choices are so uplifting! I love this.

gemma said...

Wow...I am just getting started with my cover...I'll be working on it all week. LOVE yours.