A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, May 13, 2010

10x10 For Ily

Of course I made this in Ily's book and it is for her, but it is also for me. The hardest part of doing these books is making a decision on what to do, what materials to use. I've been in a collage mode lately, so I went with it. No matter what medium, there is always a message revealed to me later on. Someone else may get something else out of it, but I found certain things amusing - what my subconscious had to say...
After painting the background and spraying it with a bit of glittery spray which no doubt will not show here.. and then I ripped images, just stuff, randomly, but what I found interesting as well.
As I began layering and fitting things together, I tried to make it flow. I moved and rearranged things quite a few times until I found or it found its place.
Then the messages appeared.
The cycle of life, the different stages of existence. I found a paper mache' tree and put the paper bag "house" there on top. We owe our lives to trees. Our breath and so much more...
I guess it's mostly about transforming. We change. From our youthful days where time didn't matter to aging and holding on to our appearances. Painting our hair, surrounding ourselves in beauty. Everything changes.. new growth and then eventually death.
How do we remain calm, serene and how do we maintain the state of wonder, observing the miraculous life all around us.. Amazing beauty, amazing world we live in.. and then chaos strikes. Let's not forget that mind-boggeling chaos that surrounds us and we work so hard at figuring it all out. We lose our balance for awhile... and then, we come back home to ourselves. We see a bigger picture. We move through the fears and grow a deeper faith. There is a light, a divine light that enters us... touches us and it brings us back to the wonder and the miraculous life once again.
Trust. It is my message to trust the Universe.
It all flows together. We all feed off one another. We are touched by serendipitous moments... messages that call to us. Yes. You are on the path. You are ok. Trust.

Flow with it - don't resist. Play while you are here for it is a short journey.
Enjoy it all.


Ily said...

OMG Doreen, I don't know how you did it but even before I read the post, when I looked at the pages I thought nature, beauty, life, growth, peace, all the things you've described. I can't wait to see it up close!

Carmen said...

beautiful and adore that cloud!

lila said...

I love seeing your collage work! I seem to do a lot of that myself.
It is fasinating how making them is just a "flow" in itself!