A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, May 28, 2010

Carmen's book

I spent some time last night working in Carmen's book, finally getting to finish it. I find it kind of funny how I waited for her book because I had these intentions of what I was going to do...but you know how that goes! With all that was going on, my idea went south on me, so I decided to start with a mandala and work from there and just allow it to unfold. Isn't that the best way to approach art anyway :-)
Of course the sparkle won't show as well here.. but enjoy it my friend. Carmen is my inspiration in following my dreams and this work was a message for me to keep doing just that!


Susie said...

This is beautiful! The feathers give it such a soft look and the mandela is awesome. Glad your hubby is doing better.

Carmen said...

you are my inspiration!!!
and can't wait to see it!
you know i love mandalas
i worked in your book this past weekend (10 0n 10 project) and love every single of your pages specially the tree, wow!
what kind of ink did you use besides your gifts, magic and talents ;-)
love you!

p.s. more thoughts and prayers for your husband and very glad he is doing better

gemma said...

This is stunning.
It's beautiful.
Love the way it emerged.

lila said...

That is beautiful! I love the colors and the "follow your dreams"!!!

shari said...

oh doreen! that mandala is soooo beautiful!!! what a gorgeous page you created for carmen. i love it!

Karen D said...

this is gorgeous, perfect for Carmen, our Art Saves guro

Becci said...

Hi Doreen! I followed a link to your blog via my friend Serena's blog. I love your art! I love this one on the canvas as well as the ones in your last few posts! NEAT!

I'm a hairdresser in Kansas and love to create something in one way or another. I just passed through an acrylic paint phase and am now I'm working on some hair creations!
Have a great hair day!

Dream With the Fishes said...

Doreen, I am loving every bit of your artwork in every journal that comes my way. It has me delighted!

This one is gorgeous as well!

Be well!