A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Saturday, February 27, 2010

RR - open spread and links :-)

Here's the second page in the RR canvas book. Needing some color, I think this is the antidote to Winter :-) This actually triggered the paint response in me.. I needed to keep painting, so I did. Picked up another canvas I started and then another.. I'll post those later on.
Snow day yesterday = art day.
Others participating... take a look :-)
Susie/Angie http://crinkleroot.blogspot.com/

Gemma/Linda http://gemmasjournal.blogspot.com/

shari http://teainbohemia.blogspot.com/

Serena http://dreamwiththefishes.blogspot.com/

Karen http://deldino.blogspot.com/

Lila http://artycollagesanddolls.blogspot.com/

Scarlet/Ileana http://littleredhare.blogspot.com/

Carmen http://heartandsoulgardening.blogspot.com/

Monday, February 22, 2010

Art Saves Lives - Round Robin

I'm participating in a Round Robin again... (getting over my fear of lost art)
I love doing this, but it broke my heart when another book disappeared with the last RR..
(But I'm over it :-)
and it's because art heals and it can save your life!
This is one page, the other is still in progress.
First some gesso and then I painted and I just HAD to use that stamp. I was in a painting mood mostly, but I did add fabric for the dress and the sign is stamped on card stock.
I'm not sure about the cover yet. Not sure if I want to do it now or later.
Now would mean it would be less bulky and most likely easier to deal with, but I may want to see the overall book and the flavor of it.. to tie it all in.
Still up in the air about it.
Most certainly, I will have fun with it!