A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Friday, November 19, 2010


Finally coming back to mandala more consistently thanks to my husband. I had started out doing mandalas every morning until the middle of October. Life went into hyper speed, kitchen got torn down and rebuilt. I painted in the art room and continued opening boxes and putting stuff away... and then I got sick.
My husband attributed it to not stopping, running myself down and not eating right.. so I stopped... even my mandalas.
The thing is, this mandala making is what I really needed to do to slow down, take some time for my self. I knew it, but didn't do it.
Then I noticed each morning, my markers and mandala book were laid out on the table ... waiting. I noticed, but there was too much to do... later.
Next morning and for a few mornings after that, he consistently set up my supplies.
He is so supportive, I thought and let him know that I appreciated what he did and then I sat.
I sat a made mandalas. I sat for a few minutes... caught some free time in between "obligations".. and began sitting longer and longer.
I paid attention to what came up... layers of feelings, peeling away like an onion... layer upon layer.
Let go of resistance, stop pushing the river, let my impatience fall to the side.. it all gets done in due time... little by little, step by step... layer upon layer it all unfolds, it all gets unpacked, gets painted, put away.
Forgive myself.
Forgive others.
I drove by the most beautiful sight. A tree caught in the sunlight, looking like it was ablaze and it took my breath away. Darn, I don't have my camera... I'll go back.
There are times I just want it all.. I want to embrace the whole of it, bite off way more than I can chew.
I went back.
Most of the leaves fell and although the beauty lingered, the moment was gone. I came across this quote today and it spoke volumes to me

"At some point in life the world's beauty becomes enough. You don't need to photograph, paint or even remember it. It is enough."
-Toni Morrison
I sit with this today, taking it to other levels.. sometimes one has to say, "enough".. stop. rest.
unpeel layers to find the core of what truly matters.
Thank you to my wonderful supportive husband :-)

Friday, November 05, 2010

the last pages

To really appreciate Lila's work, click to get a close up. These beautiful watercolors are stiched upon and then layers of fabric added.. Lila, I love the bird.. I am a bird LOVER!
This last page in the journal makes me laugh. Gemma's happy elephant with her full trunk.. You KNOW me Gemma :-) I always have a full trunk... and I love that purse charm! This one cheers me to no end..... love it. Thank you. Travel well....
and now to work on the cover.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

and more pages :-)

Karen's Collages remind me of how much I want to begin doing soul collage. I've been saying this for a really long time. So much can be said with a few images.. simple, strong statements. I have enjoyed Karen's collages as they came by me.. thanks Karen
And Carmen! Carmen who initiated the whole process. I have been following her blog (she has a new one) for quite a while now. She is one to go to when you need a lift! Her positive look on life is contageous. I always feel good after leaving her blog. Thanks Carmen for inviting me to join you in this journey and happy to have you as a friend! Thank you.. Thank you

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

more pages in the journal

This is the other page facing Susie's first page - hey Susie, I am all about flying :-)
Flying by the seat of my pants mostly... and butterfly for transformation! Thanks so much for these two pages!
I love this "kiss" from Ily, a very talented artist. I enjoyed watching her figures and faces pass through my hands as the books came by. She is an inspiration! This also brought me back to my Berjan School days working with toddlers. We had one boy who was Spanish and I learned the word besos, meaning kiss... fond memory :-) Thanks so much Ily!

Monday, November 01, 2010

2nd and 3rd pages Art Saves Journal

This page is from Serena. I was fortunate enough to have Serena work in two different books. I love the way her page complements Shari's page and her important message for me and for all of us. We all have that inner beauty that needs to be released into the world.. without that, it wouldn't matter how great your make-up is. Our true beauty does in fact shine through us - a divine light- when we feel safe and secure, when we embrace love and gratitude for all that Life has given us. Thanks Serena.
Susie's playful page with a great Frankenthaler quote, "Every canvas is a journey all it's own"
How true... how true. Anyone that paints know this.. a journey that will take you down roads you never expected to be there. Stuff shows up and you ponder the message and meaning.
Thank you Susie.
Susie did another page - I'll post it next.

Page one - Art Saves

Shari's page... Practice random acts of art is something I like to practice... I even have a stamp with that message on it. Love the doll that goes in and out of the pocket.. thanks Shari for sending me joy in the mail :-)