A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, April 24, 2011

We ARE worthy

Morning meditation on Easter Morning..

I think on these things..

REbirth.. REnewal..

and the deeper mystery of life..

it's changes, transformations and how to rise above the fears that change..

unwanted and quick change.. creates.. change that comes to us when we do not understand what is happening or why.

The pain that comes along with the knowledge of someone else's pain.. compassion, empathy.. and the fervor of praying so hard it just has to change the outcome!

I think on this and the miracles that surround it..

Easter is the celebration of Christ rising...


is the message to us saying there is no death...

and therefore should not be feared..

then why do we fear it..

because we are not so sure..

How do we rise above the fear of losing, not being good enough, strong enough, loved enough..

In my mandala, I sent out prayers to the four directions of the Earth..

to the sun,

to the land,

to the waters..

to all of us.. for peace.. for love..

to overcome small pettiness, hurts from our childhood, from words spoken carelessly..

for healing..

We are worthy of all the abundance the earth offers.. we are entitled to happiness and the right to live a life that is secure.. that supports our basic needs..

healthy food, clean water, the right to breathe fresh air...
We should all be living a life that is filled with joy.. the opportunity to use our talents..

the encouragement and support to move forward -

discovering our true purpose,

our higher spiritual reason for existing.

We all deserve unconditional love.

Christ was all about love.

Whatever your beliefs are, we all share that..

that we are worthy of love..

I love you :-)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blossoming to the edge

Spring is a time to blossom..

we open our doors and windows..

take a deep breath of fresh air..

we grow.

We open ourselves up to new possibilites.

How much we grow is up to us.

How much risk do we want to take..

how far can we move outside our comfort zone..
how close to the edge can we go...

Nourish yourself.

Bathe in sunlight,

drink in all the beauty that surrounds you.

Make new creative decisions,


New beginnings are on the horizon...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Angels among us...

I went to a lecture the other night and I was very aware of the continuing insights I was receiving.. and this even before the meditation. In this lecture, I was reminded of my path.. where I have been on this journey and those synchronicity moments that led me along the way. Reminded of the events leading to where I am today, I thought, if we all took the time, we would be in a constant state of awe. One thing leading to another until we reach our full potential. I had felt I had come full circle sitting there... another lecture years ago, committing to my path, the path of the artist. Here I was recommitting myself. Affirming my path and the direction I am taking and feeling very good about it. One of the ideas discussed was to take those challenging moments and look at them and ask, "what are they teaching me?" Why has this been placed upon my path, and what can I learn from it, what am I missing.. how can it make me grow... This usually happens afterwards.. we see in hindsight what that challenge was there for. How conscious are we in the moment of this "challenge" to ask that question... something I will work on. When we make a commitment to something, the Universe conspires to help us along the way... the path becomes clear for us, our vision laser-like. Yes. We can cut through the debris, knowing we can get to the destination.. the destination of our Self. It's the me.. the real, authentic "me" - the reason I am here.. to use my talents/gifts to the best of my ability. Allow the acorn to sprout and grow to it's magnificence. I'm not sure if I will know the "highest" purpose, whose lives I touch, what difference I am making.. but if I can know just some of it, I am satisfied. A simple decision can make all the difference to someone else's life. Know that. A decision made to do one thing differently, or try something new.. venture out to an unknown place.. can change the course of history.. and why not allow that to be you.. or me.. all of us. To bring to this life our highest potential, our courage to create, would this not be one wild ride! To dream the biggest dream. Not play safe, nor to doubt our desires, feelings, thoughts... but instead feel the embrace of angel wings gently guiding us to our true destiny. Some days we take gentle steps... and other days, we need to skip, jump, run... fly!

Saturday, April 09, 2011


Evidence of Spring.. my brother unwrapped the fig trees today. I went over in time to help a little bit, taking the tarps off the smaller tree.
Here, the tarps are laid out to dry.
before that, John and I went to the beach for a walk and it was so nice to find these flowers in bloom and the buds on the trees...






Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Art and Joy

The children's art exhibit is opening this Sunday. During approximately 20 classes, I work with preschoolers creating art, taking pictures... capturing moments in time. Moments of concentration, the true meaning of living in the moment. Being present.

The satisfaction of a work completed.. a thrill to watch their expressions of pleasure and joy.

They teach me the real meaning of play, exploration.. of creativity.

Along with the art, their photos, I have posted quotes. I do this mostly for the adults that view the exhibit.. held in the Municipal Building in Harrison .. so they can be reminded how important creativity is in all our lives.. We need to return to play, taking time for ourselves to enjoy the things we love to do.. sing...dance...paint.. glue.. stamp... photograph.. CREATE!

Rediscover the joy within you that you once had as a child.. take some time today to play and create and see how the world around you dissolves....