A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bigger than my fears

Courage is a special kind of knowledge. It's the knowledge of how to fear what should be feared and how not to fear what should not be feared. A brave mind is always impregnable. True courage is the result of reasoning. You're more important than your problems.
You're bigger than anything that can happen to you. Great things are accomplished when you believe that what's inside of you is superior to your circumstances. What you have outside you counts less than what you have inside you. Nothing external to you has power over you.

This came in my email from the daily guru. Important to remember that last line. I added the extra emphasis.
Today is the art show. Cancelled from last week due to the weather we had. LOTS and LOTS of rain here in NY. Today is beautiful. Sun is shining and it should be in the 70's.
Life is good.

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