A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, March 03, 2008

Youth Art Month

We celebrated the 28th year of Youth Art Month yesterday. This is the Harrison Council for the Arts program, and a successful one at that. I've taken on the role of chairperson for it and have been involved with it for about 24 years.
It involves putting together an art exhibit of students work in public and private schools in the town. Three high schools, two middle schools and four elementary schools. 12 teachers participated.
Although it is work pulling this all together, the teachers are amazing in their dedication and participation in this program. Each year I am more impressed with the art the students create and when the reception is in full force, the town house is energized with proud parents, students and teachers.
For me, I get to see students that I've had in preschool and elementary school. It's been a long road as some of my previous students are now in the upper grades, and some have graduated and gone on to art schools. I like to think I've given them a good start in the love of art and then passed them on to art teachers in school. It's amazing to see these kids, once upon a time playing with play dough and creating art with me at 3 or 4 years and now grown... actually, a bit of a shock when they are now taller than me!

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Mai-Liis said...

How gratifying to have been there for them in their early years. You are doing important work, Doreen!
And, wow! 24 years. You certainly have no problem making long term commitments. :-)