A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holding Love

My friend Chaska on facebook had asked a question about what made us smile. My reply was that anytime a child from art class gave me a hug because they loved to do art with me... and yesterday was another one of those days. Little 3 yr. old Ian got up from his chair making his claim that he LOVED art! and there's the smile... my heart danced!
There's that validation again... this greater gift of giving something that makes a difference.
Bringing a love of creating to a child.. My hands, his hands working together to create whatever our imaginations can conjure up. It's such a wonderful experience that fills me with love and I can share that love with another - a child who really appreciated it and let me know :-)
So, yes Chaska, another day with another smile.. never fails me.
Holding this love gratefully in my heart.

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Stacy Wills said...

oh my goodness - how beautiful! you are indeed making a wonderful difference in the world. :-)