A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dance of Love

Chose some Christmas colors to get me a mood for the holidays. I love the idea of giving, but feel we have it all wrong in that department. It's the giving of the self that is what this season is about and not all the crazy stuff we run out to buy.
It is a wonderful feeling to received a token of affection from someone showing their appreciation, but to be honest, a thank you.. a sincere thank you is just as good and one of those thank yous that come out of the blue... when you least expect it.. feels even better.
I just have a really hard time with the whole commercial aspect of the holiday and the craziness of shopping and being on the road.
I want to stay in during the weekends just so I don't have to deal with finding a parking space. Instead, I'm loving staying in and fixing up our new place and doing some art and spending time with my hubby, warm and cozy.
I'd rather stay in the Dance of Love... the real message of the season.. to love one another, to move towards a greater peace.
If you are going to "gift" someone, why not make something, or give them some of your time.. but, if a gift is in order, buy in your own community, supporting the beauty of real personal service from a small business owner.
and if you have to be at the mall, I hope this happens to you.. click the above link for joy in the making.
May you be blessed with the abundance of love and dance in it joyfulness.

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Granny Annie said...

These flash performances are so great. My daughter and granddaughter attended on is Oklahoma City on Saturday. I was so jealous.