A Sacred Life

A Sacred Life

Monday, January 17, 2011

Reap what you sow

Whatever seed you plant, that will be what comes to fruit. We all know that if you plant an apple seed, it will be apples that you will feast upon when the fruit ripens.
Why would it be any different with our thoughts... where my attention lies is where things will come to be.. my loving thoughts will manifest into loving attention on those things around me. If I look to the outside world focused on beauty.. that is what I will see.
Obvious.. no?
Well, why do we...I.. keep forgetting.. I won't speak for you. Only myself.
Sometimes we dig our heels in, stubbornly seeing only our side of the situation... only our own perspective.. and we know there is always another way to look at something.

I had in mind an idea... but for some odd reason, I could not find what I was looking for.. I looked and looked because there was this IDEA I had.. and I could not let go... I searched and searched. Moments of hope whithered away when I still turned up empty handed...
Finally, this morning I had a shift. Let it go. I wrote in my journal, did morning pages.. questioning the situation.. why, why could I not find what I was looking for.. did I even HAVE it.. doubts entered but nooooo, I do, I know I do... but the good thing was out of it came more unpacked boxes and I put more stuff away, progress of a different sort. It was good, very good that I was also finding other things.. things I needed to use.
Then another idea... If you continue to come upon a brick wall, take another path.
Change your mind.
I did.
I was planting a seed, but for some reason I expected a different outcome. Maybe it just isn't ripe yet and I need to wait with it.. be patient.
Instead with a shift in my willing to let go, something else entered into the picture and I became just as excited about it.
thanks for the lesson Universe.

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LauraX said...

♥ recognizing this...that our thoughts are seeds, is the sprouting of those first fine root fibers.